Moose Math: The Best Part of Waking Up

Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose
Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose

How did the kids like it?

The reason I’m doing a math game two weeks in a row is because this one is such a pearl. My method in deciding which games and apps to review basically comes down to which apps my kids are digging at the moment. I am dually impressed with this one because it’s educational, and because my kindergartener, who has never demonstrated much interest in academic accomplishment, adores this game.

Moose Math Pet Bingo
Moose Math Pet Bingo

For the past week I’ve been waking to the sounds of Moose Math blaring from her bedroom. I can’t even bring myself to tell her to turn it down, or be angry that she’s disturbing my sleep and likely to wake her brother, because she’s actually playing with numbers. Of her own freewill and choice.

I’ve mentioned before what a feat it is for her to give an educational app five minutes of her time. I’ve never seen her engage so much with an app, period–with the exception of the Princess Dress Up game.

What does it do?

Here’s the official trailer:

So the game is set in a town with a few different buildings. You get to choose the façade of the buildings, and so, get to build a unique town of your own design. Inside each building are a couple different math related games (for a total of five).

Build your own city
Build your own unique city

Each time you clear a level in any of the games, you get to choose a new accouterment for the building, like a silly door, or windows, or a second story, or an airplane to put in the sky.

What I liked:

Moose Math_Recipe Maker
Use counting and addition to create smoothies

My favorite game so far is Moose Juice, where the kids follow recipes to make a smoothie. They get to drag the ingredients from the fridge to the blender and click the “check” button to find out if they used the correct ingredient amounts. If they were wrong the smoothie turns into a nasty looking mess and it lets them try again. If they are right, they get to “drink” the smoothie complete with gulping, yumming, and sometimes burping noises to accompany them.

I also liked the game where they do a dot-to-dot to make a path for the funny bunny to follow. It starts them out counting by ones, then by twos, then by fives, and then by tens.

Directions are clear and concise. My kids have no trouble playing it by themselves (a four year old and an almost six year old). Although, if your kids haven’t yet learned their shapes, or colors, or counting to ten they might find it challenging at first. If you are working on teaching those basics to your children then this game is a great tool for that, and you can sit down and play it together.

Moose Math Lost and Found
Learn sorting by color and by shapes and making patterns

It has high quality graphics and engaging rewards, enough so that my little girl has given it way more than five minutes of her time.

This game, as well as other Duck Duck Moose games, was designed to teach common kindergarten core standards. A lot of these math games look like my daughter’s homework, which is extremely difficult to get her to look at, even after we’ve managed to wrangle her into a chair. We don’t have that problem with this game. I’ve been surprised at how quickly she is advancing.

Moose Math Report Card
See how your child is progressing and where they might need a little help

I also like the report card section to see how well the kids are doing in their separate areas.

And its only $1.99. As in, a seventh of the cost of two matinee tickets to The Lego Movie, not including popcorn and drinks. And you get many, many more hours of productive entertainment out of it. Although we do love The Lego Movie as well.

Rating: 5 of 5

I honestly love everything about the game and so do my kids.

Category: Educational Game

Subcategory: Math

Age Group: 3-6

Availability: Google Play, App Store

Price: $1.99

Recommended: Yes









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