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I watched as friends of mine like @sahans and @cuteculturechic become mayor’s, and have fun out and about with Foursquare long enough.  Even people at large companies I follow like @ScottMonty who works @Ford and @ChrisBAtDell who works @Dell have been using Foursquare, so I thought I’d finally join in the fun and install Foursquare on my beloved Palm Pre (It’s a free app).

Foursquare uses location services to determine your location on your phone, and then gives you a list of places that are near there so you can select where you are.  You can then “check-in” to that location, view tips from other users at the locations (for example at one of my favorite restaurants I left a tip to try the Rodeo Burger, cause it’s really good).  You can also see who else is currently at that location.  This is pretty cool when you want to meet up with people also on twitter.  Like I just barely missed someone I follow on Twitter at Target the other day.  If I had gone there a bit earlier I could have met up with them in person and had a fun lunch!  It can also get a bit addicting!   You can unlock different badges like become the mayor of a location by checking in there more than anyone else, or how many times you have checked in, things like that.  The addicting part is when I start thinking to myself… where else can I go today?

You don’t have to use Foursquare to tweet about your location.  You can send a simple tweet that you are going out to the store.  Tweeting about your location can be dangerous though!  Here are a couple good rules of thumb when broadcasting your location to the world.

1. I NEVER make it known that I am out if there is a babysitter home with my children.  For example, I will never say that my husband and I are out on a date until after we have returned home.  The reasons for this I think are obvious.

2. I also NEVER make it known that the house is empty, if I’m tweeting that I’m out, you can be sure to bet that my husband is home.  OR it’s after the fact and we’ve already returned home with the family.

So be safe out there, and hopefully I will meet up with you at a location in the future!

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