Lenovo Is Upping it’s Smart Home Game

When I attended CES this year, I fell in love with Lenovo’s new Smart Display, which has finally started shipping. While I don’t have my hands on one quite yet, I have been silently drooling over them.

The Smart Display is gorgeous, has a great speaker, and a nice clear beautiful display to show you your schedule the weather, recipes, and more. It really is the perfect smart home assistant for the kitchen.

This week, though Lenovo announced another collaboration, this time with Amazon’s Alexa, with the new¬†Lenovo Smart Tab. Likely the device will be officially debuted later, my assumption is that it will be in January during CES.

According to the company, research has shown that tablets are used more inside the house than on the road, and especially by kids. These new Smart Tabs will allow the entire family to interact with Alexa no matter where they are in the house, even if there isn’t an Echo device nearby.

Using voice assistants hasn’t necessarily caught on with the whole family yet, but once you enable your kids to add things to your grocery list, just by speaking, your family will get on board pretty quickly.

Lenovo claims that the new devices will combine the best of both worlds, a full Android tablet from Lenovo and deep Amazon Alexa integration, making the Lenovo Smart Tab one of the first tablets to feature immersive Show Mode experiences. Show Mode will offer more visual Alexa experiences to enhance the way users interact with their music, control smart home devices and more.

Back in the day, many large homes had intercom devices mounted throughout the house. While full details of the Smart Tabs have not been released, I would love to see some mounting accessories so you can mount the tablet in individual rooms. The tablet should be able to be easily removed from the mount, so you can bring it with you to various rooms in your home.

I’m definitely excited about the possibilities of the device, and can’t wait until I can see one up close and personal.

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