Ins & Outs of Webhosting (Plus win BlogHer Money!)

Really, I’ve been in the tech industry long enough to have a story for just about anything.  Like have you heard my backup horror story?  Here is my fun little webhosting story.  I used to have my sites hosted with a company that kinda rhymes with smoohost.  I have a PLETHORA (one of my absolute favorite words, which I love to use whenever I can) of websites.  I am constantly coming up with new ideas, and rushing out to get the domain name as soon as possible.  So one of these such times, I had a GREAT idea for a Blog scavenger hunt.  It spanned many blogs, and was super fun!  We had awesome prizes and it was really a blast to do.  Day one of the scavenger hunt was huge, and traffic was through the roof.  What do you know?  My site (the first stop on the hunt) went down!  After that my site was VERY hit and miss and would be unavailable at least once a day.  There was also a day that my database went completely missing, and they had to restore it from a backup and I lost several posts.  My sister who was also with smoohost was not having any of the same issues I was.  I called bluemost to see if they could move my site to a different server, since clearly the server my sites were currently sitting on was failing on a regular basis.  They said that they could not do that, and that “uptime” was not a guarantee!!  WHA??  WHA TO THE WHA WHAT??  I’m trying to build a following here, I’m trying to grow my brand, I’m trying to sell products!  No guarantee of uptime!  What am I paying for??  So when they said that, and refused to transfer my site to a different server I said good bye, and never once looked back.  (as an fyi, my sister’s site, which is still hosted there is now having similar issues to what I had… going down for abut 30 minutes at least once a day)  Now that you know who NOT to go with… who SHOULD you use for web hosting??  That is super easy!  Twenty70 Hosting

What I like about Twenty70 is that first, they are women owned.  Women in the tech industry is just obviously a passion of mine.  Their “help” is not outsourced to some othe country.  It’s VERY personal.  The technology they use make it super easy to get your blog or website up and running, and the server’s they are running on are totally solid. 

Since I want to get to the giveaway part, I’ll discuss the reasons for getting your own domain tomorrow….

SOOOOO…. The GREAT news is that Twenty70 is giving away $500 towards going to BlogHer!!  Find out all of the fabulous details on their website Good LUCK!!!

**Disclaimer – Twenty70 hosting is NOT paying me for this review, they may potentially give me a flight to BlogHer depending on their budget**

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