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Halloween is just around the corner. Let me tell you a little secret. I HATE Halloween. Like…really REALLY hate the entire month of October really. It starts getting colder, my child NEVER wants to be something I can just pick up at the store, and I am NOT crafty… I present exhibit A….

This is what my daughter wanted to be for Halloween one year, a Skylander named Whirlwind


This is what I turned her into….


Nailed it, right? Anytime my sister needs a laugh, she makes me send that image. It truly is the epitome of what is wrong with my crafting skills, as in.. I have none.

So, costume issue aside, I also hate going to this local Halloween festival. It’s always super crowded, I’m cold, and I just don’t want to be there.  My kids love it though, so I usually suck it up and take them. I hate carving pumpkins, it’s disgusting. Since I hate carving pumpkins, I also don’t have very many decorations. Partly because I hate Halloween, and any money I spend on decorations will be fully used to purchase Christmas decorations… which I LOVE. Long story short. October is the WORST.

BUT there are some ways that I enjoy it, and that is using all the technology I can to make some awesome Halloween effects, and with nothing more than my phone!!


Using the projector MotoMod on my Moto Z from Verizon, I can make super spooky windows and pumpkins… without the mess of actual pumpkin guts. You can place the pumpkins outside, or in a window and have your phone project the face onto the pumpkin. I like using the loops from atmosfx.com, there is a HUGE selection to choose from. The great thing about it, is the pumpkin can then sing to all the trick or treaters coming to your house! They can also tell stories, or just do funny faces. You can check out all the pumpkin projection options here.


The you can also use your projector mod to broadcast spooky ghost loops onto your window!  I found a TON to choose from at atmosfx.com. Everything from Zombies to a little girl ghost that just wants to play. You can use a thin sheet, or I have found that a thin shower curtain works really well. You can project it from inside the house and when people pass by, they will see your spooky ghosts in your windows!

So, now that we have the Halloween decor taken care of, what can we do about costumes? You can totally use your Moto Z from Verizon for this too! First you go check out the Digital Dudz from morphsuits.  You download their app, select your outfit, and slide your phone into the outfit! When people walk by and then suddenly see the eyes move on your shirt, I promise they will freak right the heck out.  I mean, I couldn’t even screw up THIS costume… right??


When all the festivities are over, you can pop your projector mod back on your phone, and sit down to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown with your family while chowing down on your candy!

So have yourself a very digital Halloween, and watch out for ghosts in your windows!

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post. Verizon did loan me a Moto Z and Projector Moto Mod so I could try out my projections.

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