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Google Sidewiki

Something installed on my computer recently in my Internet Explorer 8.  It’s called the Google Sidewiki.  It’s Google’s latest little gadget, and personally I’m a bit underwhelmed.  Or as my husband and I typically say it’s very MEH.  So what is Google Sidewiki and how can you get rid of it if it’s already on your system?  Or if you REALLY want it, where can you get it?

First things first…. what is Google Sidewiki?  According to Google “Google Sidewiki is a browser sidebar that lets you contribute and read information alongside any web page.”  I think it’s Google’s attempt to bring social media to every website.  You can talk about things you like on the website, or tips for other users.  For example when I browse to Amazon.com one of the comments on the sidewiki is “From FourCamelsAtSea.com I’ve personally bought more books from amazon.com than I have from any free-standing bookstore. Oh, what would I do without you, the electronic “walmart”?”

So, while yes, I understand that because of things like mobile phones, internet and especially Twitter and Facebook everyone has and shares their opinion about everything, I just don’t think I need it popping out of my browser.

I do enjoy my Google toolbar though!  So how can I keep the Google toolbar but get rid of the Google Sidewiki?  Click on the wrench in your google toolbar like in this image…


Then click on Tools and then uncheck Sidewiki like this








Lastly, if you REALLY want to see what everyone is saying about the various websites you go to, you can download the Google Sidewiki from here.

Happy browsing!

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