Google Vs Amazon Feud Intensifies

What started as a simple quest for world domination by 2 different companies is now becoming all-out war. Google and Amazon have both been strategically moving their chess pieces in an effort to be the first, the best, the only solution to your problems.

Amazon throws a punch

Amazon, in an attempt to sell more of its own products, has disallowed any Chromecast devices for sale on the platform, and recently pulled newer Nest products like Nest Secure and the E Thermostat from the store. When asking Alexa if she can order me a Chromecast, she recommended I purchase a Fire TV instead. How nice of her. You also can’t use Chromecast to broadcast videos within the Prime Video service.

Google fights back

Google had finally had enough and has decided to remove access to YouTube through Amazon devices. The YouTube app has already been removed from the Echo Show and the Fire TV, but you were still able to access videos on YouTube through the web browser on those devices. As of January 1st, you will no longer be able to access YouTube through Amazon devices, even via a browser.

Granted, this move seems a little childish on Google’s part, but to quote my 8-year-old… “Amazon started it”.  It does make me feel like quoting another 90’s icon though…”can’t we all just get along?” or another favorite…


One of the main reasons I dislike Apple so much is the fact that they lock their products down so much. You are almost required to use their services. It is getting better, now that you can install your own keyboards and use other non-default applications. I believe companies should put out their products, and let the consumers decide how they want to use them. Limiting functionality only makes the consumer lose, and makes your company look petty.

So, my message to Google and Amazon… get over it and concentrate on making a better product than the other guy.

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