Geeking Out at BYU with Zuckerberg Part 2

Continued from the other day, I went to BYU to check out Mark Zuckerberg (the creator of Facebook for those that are unaware) about a week ago.  He was with Senator Orin Hatch, who was asking him questions, which he was answering.  The next topic Sen. Hatch brought up, was to ask Mark if he thought Facebook would be the catalyst for change that it has now become.  Mark responded by saying that him and his friends were sitting around at bars and stuff talking about what the world was going to be like when a service like Facebook existed, they NEVER thought that they were going to be the ones to create it.

Zuck also mentioned that now people can stay in touch and communicate like never before.  Businesses can’t hid behind the corporate veil, they MUST interact with their consumers.  People aren’t going to stand for anonymity.  Social media has given everyone a voice.  People can have that voice heard, no matter how isolated or popular the person is.  He also mentioned part of Facebook called which allows you to see how friendships can span across country barriers.  Two countries that seemingly have nothing but hatred between them, and you see that there are connections of friendship and peace between them.  Hopefully this can lead to more understanding between the nations, and eventually peace.

Again, since this was at a university, the question was asked what does Facebook look for in a potential employee.  Mark had and excellent answer for this.  He spoke about passion.  He wants employees that are passionate about what they do.  Did you just take your courses and get good grades, or did you create things on the side just for yourself because you wanted it to exist.  He is looking for people who think that Facebook is so beyond broken that they have a ton of ideas on how to fix it.  No matter what you are passionate about, BE PASSIONATE about something.

The last thing that was touched on was ads.  If you’ve seen the Facebook movie (The Social Network), you will see that at first Mark was insistent on there not being ads on the site, because it wouldn’t be cool.  There are currently ads on the site.  He said first…. “Everyone likes that it’s free”.  So yes, you will have to pay for it in some way, whether that will be by seeing an ad on the sidebar, or actually shelling out money for it, someone has to keep the site running, and they can’t do it for free.  Second he said that there are a lot of rumor’s that Facebook gives your information to advertisers, and that is not true.  Facebook uses your data to display ads that are relevant to you, but never shares your data with it’s advertisers.  This is really the best of both worlds, the advertisers get a more targeted audience, and you maintain your privacy.  Because really, how likely would I click on an ad for a service in Chicago, when I live in Salt Lake?

So, there you have it.  My geeky heart skipped a beat, at “meeting” one of the worlds game changers!  He seemed super cool, and like someone I would totally love to hang out with (of COURSE with our significant others too… sheesh!)  I just wished it could have been longer… and that I could have gotten a picture with him.

If you want to watch the entire video, BYU has posted them on their website.  Definitely worth a check out!

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