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Family Ribbon is a fabulous new app where you can bring all your family and friends together online with this one simple easy-to-use application. Priced at $4.99 for the iPad, (a lite version is available for free here), Family Ribbon takes the complexity out of Facebook, Skype, Picasa, Gmail, and internet browsing, and creates an intuitive online environment for everyone… including beginners! In fact, the Family Ribbon app is designed specifically for those with no computer experience.

Yay! Finally!

Seriously, this app is long overdue.

Perfect for your parents or grandparents, Family Ribbon allows your loved ones to do multiple social activities all in one application.

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When using Family Ribbon on your iPad, your can easily:

– Use Facebook.

– Effortlessly send Call Back requests.

– Immediately view pictures on Flickr, Picasa, and Facebook.

– Instantly check weather forecasts.

– Quickly make Skype and Facetime video calls.

– Use Reminders to keep track of medication schedule and upcoming events.

– Send emails with integrated audio, photo, and video messages.

– Comfortably send text messages using a full-sized keyboard.

– Enjoy your favorite TV shows online.

-Explore YouTube videos.

-Play favorite games online.

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The app itself is very user friendly, and thankfully very easy to navigate for beginners. The large buttons are also very easy to see and read, which is a necessity for anyone using reading glasses.

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One of my favorite features in the app is the ability to add photos to contacts, and I love the fact that they are large enough for someone with sight challenges to see and recognize. It’s also very easy to scroll through contacts too.

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Messaging within the app is also incredibly easy. I find with my parents that simpler is always better, and Family Ribbon does a fabulous job getting rid of all any confusion within the application. Sending messages, photos, or even video takes just a few seconds, and all the buttons are very clearly marked in the application.

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Another favorite feature of mine is the ability to view family photos through Picasa or Flickr. My parents LOVE viewing photographs of grandkids (seriously, what grandparent doesn’t?) and I love how easy it is to scroll through an entire photo library without having to change which app you are using.

Overall, Family Ribbon is a FABULOUS family application for both young and old who want a simple app that does multiple things. For a person who isn’t super tech-savvy, this app allows you to accomplish so many different social activities, taking the confusion out of using and opening multiple applications. This is a great app for anyone technologically challenged, but also it’s fabluous for anyone who just wants to save time and do multiple things within one simple to use app.

To learn more about Family Ribbon and view it in iTunes, go HERE.

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