Dropped Your Phone In Water? Again?

Yes, way back when I had a Blackberry Pearl.  Definitely wasn’t my favorite phone ever, but it did the job.  I kept said phone in my back pocket quite frequently.  When I’d go to sit down on the toilet… sometimes the phone would take a dive into the toilet.  I won’t even say how many times.  You’d think I’d have learned my lesson after the first time!  Trust me, it hasn’t happened to any of my recent phones.  I’m a bit more careful about those now!  What you need is a plan of action though if you ever find yourself in the same situation.

1. Fish it Out – First line of defense is quick response.  The faster you get that phone out the better!  Turn it off as soon as you get it out.

2. Take it apart – Next you will want to take it apart as much as you can (take the battery out, etc)

3. Pat it down – Take a microfiber cloth and try to pat out as much water as you can find.

4. Shake it down – Shake the phone a bit while holding it with a towel to get some of the loose water out

5. Blow Dry – Keeping the phone apart and off place it in front of a fan or flowing air.

6. Rice – Once it’s air dried for a couple hours, place some rice in a ziplock bag along with the phone to absorb the last of the moisture.

7. Leave it Be – The very last line of defense is to not touch it or test it for a couple days… I can hear the sounds of teenage girls around the world shreiking at the thought!  Seriously though, letting it fully dry out before turning it on is key in order to not have any shorts from the moisture and the power.

The one thing is don’t try and take it back to the store saying it’s just not working.  There is a sticker inside the phone that will tell them if it’s been wet, so don’t try and hide it.  Fess up and pay for the repair if the above doesn’t work.  Good luck!


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