Don’t Want Your Instagram Likes to Show On Your Facebook Timeline?


My friend recently called me because she was upset that other people could see her likes on Facebook.  I explained to her that it’s mostly because the friend’s status that she liked was a public status (meaning that she made the status available to the entire world).  Now I understand people’s need for privacy, but these days I don’t see why you “liking” that so and so is pregnant is really something to be kept private.  So after a bit of discussion about what to look for when commenting or liking someone else’s status (if there is a little globe next to the status then it’s a public update).  BUT there was one thing that was bugging me about MY Facebook.

Every time I “liked” an image on instagram it added that picture to my Facebook timeline saying that I had liked it, which, of course, would show up in newsfeeds of people who probably really didn’t care that I liked so-and-so’s picture of a sunset.  It wasn’t that I was “liking” things I was ashamed to like, it was that I felt that the more images I liked, the more it would annoy the people who I’m Facebook friends with.

So I went on a mission to figure out how to keep my instagram likes off of my Facebook profile.  Turns out I was just being really dumb.  But if I can not know something on technology, I’m sure some of my readers are also having the same problem.  So, to make sure the things you like on instagram don’t publish to your Facebook Timeline, it’s a simple little checkbox.

Open your instagram app, then tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner (looks like a rectangle with a square and some lines inside).  Next click on the three dots at the top right of the app (these are instructions for Android… if you don’t have the same buttons iFolk… then I don’t know how to help you).  From here click on sharing settings.  Then click on arrow on the Facebook line.  It will bring you to this screen…

2013-01-29 11.00.39

Now you just uncheck the “likes” checkmark.  Simple, right??  When I was in here though, I noticed that the Android app finally has the ability to post to a Facebook page that you manage!  I was excited about this, as I’ve been jealous of this feature for a while on the iOS app.  So prepare to see more instagram photos in my Tech4Moms Facebook page!  But next time I like this kind of picture from my friend Jill…

1-29-2013 1-33-27 PM

You won’t even have to know about it!  😀


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  • I would like to show my Instagram likes on my Facebook because most of the time I will be active on Instagram only than on Facebook. So, when my likes shows on Facebook it always keeps my account active.