Dell Inspiron One 23 Review

Now I’m sure you’ve all seen by now my love and loyalty to all that is Dell.  We have 4 people in this family (one that is 18 months old), and we 4 Dell computers in this house.  One is my main laptop, one is my “travel” laptop, one is our desktop computer that I lovingly call Mainframe (all of our computers have great names).  The desktop computer, by the way, is about 7-8 years old.  I recently put Windows 7 on it and only had to upgrade some RAM to make it perform like a champ.  That thing is still running like nobody’s business!  The last computer is another desktop that resides in my daughter’s bedroom.  So it stands to reason that we don’t really need any more computers at this particular time, since at any given point every member of the family can be using a computer.  I was content with what we had… until the Dell Inspiron One 23 graced my doorstep (Dell was kind enough to let me borrow the machine to complete my review, but I must send it back.  It may happen to get lost in the mail on the way back though…)

This is the ULTIMATE family computer.  I showed it to my sister, who mentioned right at the beginning how perfect it would be for her elderly in-laws.  The screen is large (23″) but not so big that it’s overpowering.  Dell actually did a lot of research into what would be the perfect size for the Inspiron One’s launch.  They really did hit the nail right on the head with the size.  The computer is touch screen.  Which, in talking to the Dell folks, you would think it would be difficult to get used to a full size computer that you can touch.  You are so used to NOT touching the screen, it’s a little nerve racking to finally just touch it.  I figured the fingerprints would get to the point of annoying on the machine.  The fingerprints though are not even noticeable when it is turned on.  At first I was super crazy about constantly cleaning the screen.  I haven’t cleaned it though in about a week, and it still looks great when it’s turned on.  When it is off and the screen is black you can tell that there are fingerprints.

There is a keyboard and mouse that comes with the computer and they are wireless.  They connect with a single USB key, so both can be used without multiple ports being taken up.  The computer also has a wireless network card built in, so the only cord that it needs is a power cord!

Next I want to talk about the Dell Stage… to get the full feel of it, check out this video (it’s a tad long, but you can fast forward to features you are interested in…

Now I said this was the perfect computer for the whole family to use, and I sincerely mean that, here is video of my 18 month old son, able to use the computer.

And now my daughter sharing in the awesomeness of this computer.

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