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It seems like it was just yesterday that my siblings and I used to visit my parents on Sunday afternoons with our spouses. We would all sit around their coffee table visiting, relaxing, reminiscing… and totally full-out fighting with each other over the Sunday adds in the newspaper.

If only there were an app for sibling rivalry!

At least there is an app for Sunday  newspaper brawls.

It’s called Catalogue, and it’s hands down the best compilation of all your favorite weekly adds and retail catalogs. The fabulous thing about Catalogue, is it’s an app for both the iPad and Android smart phones and tablets.

Yeah for equality!

If only there was equality in families as well. Then maybe I would have a fancy new tablet just like my sister…

Wait. Sorry. Got a little off track there.

Anywho, I had the chance to try out Catalogue for the Kindle Fire, and needless to say it is my new favorite way to fill time when relaxing.

Catalogue includes the latest catalogs from leading fashion, beauty, toys, home decor, and more. No more waiting on your favorite catalog to come via snail mail! Simply open up Catalogue and start your virtual browsing and shopping spree. The app is free to download, and very easy to use.

I love that Catalogue not only has my favorite recent catalogs like Land of Nod, it has past issues as well. No more hanging onto old catalogs in my living room!

It also has weekly circulars that you typically see in the Sunday paper, like Best Buy.

One of my favorite Catalogue features, is the ability to star and bookmark my favorites photos or items for sale.

You can also easily make purchases through the application, and in some catalogs like William Sonoma, you can even check the store nearest you to see if a favorite product is in stock. So cool!

If you happen to be using an Android device, Catalogue has a unique bar code scanner.

For all you iPad 2 users, the Camera Vision feature allows you to actually look at how something will look in your home. See a favorite lamp in Crate & Barrel? Just take a photo of your nightstand and easily piece the two together.

Another cool feature with Catalogue is the Go Green initiative. By viewing your favorite catalogues through the app, you can actually use the cool in app feature to opt out of your current subscriptions. You can actually clear your name from mailing lists right through the app. Pretty cool that the app developer The Find is committed  to saving natural resources.

To learn more about Catalogue, you can download it for the Kindle Fire here. For the iPad and iPad 2 go here.

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