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Very recently I became fitness obsessed.  It all started with the purchase of my FitBit, and really ramped up when I started my 8-week challenge with some friends, and has continued for a few months now.  As I become more and more obsessed in my fitness journey I am finding things along the way I just can’t wait to share with everyone!  So let me just start off by saying how much I LOVE technology!  There are so many options available to us these days and many of them are completely free!

I’ve always been a home exerciser.  I have a vast array of workout DVD’s and a lot of equipment as well.  It’s always been much easier for me to pop in a DVD and workout when it was convenient for me (usually meaning before the kids wake up, or after they’ve gone to sleep).  So, when I started my recent fitness program I went right back to my DVD’s.  One day I had lunch with my best friend, who told me about a website that was helping her look better than she has looked in years (she’s had 4 kids).  I went home and immediately checked it out.  It’s called the Daily Hiit (Hiit stands for High Intensity Interval Training).  I’ve embedded one of their video’s in this post so you can check it out.  I totally fell in love, but I workout in my living room with my 60″ TV, not in my office in front of my laptop.  Luckily they upload all of the workouts to YouTube, and guess what?  Most TV’s/DVD Players/Game Systems have a YouTube app.  So, I started pulling up YouTube on our PlayStation 3 and doing the workouts in the morning on my TV.  It has worked out perfectly.  So perfectly, in fact, that I searched out some more YouTube channels to see if I can find some other workouts to do.  I found SEVERAL!  Here are my favorites…

Daily Hiit

Fitness Blender


Zuzka Light

I’ve also created a YouTube playlist of my favorite workouts for when I find workouts that I really enjoy doing.  I’ve already added a couple that I can tack on to any workout (like a good abs routine, for days when my regular workout doesn’t include abs, or a good stretching set)  With YouTube’s playlists, I can create a fully customized workout with tons of variety!  Since it’s a playlist too, they will just start playing one after the other without any interference from me!

I also have a Hulu Plus subscription.  This has also been amazing for my workouts.  One, because as I run on the treadmill at night I stick an episode of Buffy or Angel on my tablet, and watch one of my favorite shows during my run.  It makes the run go by in a flash!  One night after my run, I noticed a “recommended” section on my Hulu app, and saw that they had exercise videos too!!  Some of my favorite channels on Hulu are…

The FIRM – Confession that I have SEVERAL of their DVD’s as well.  I really like their workouts.

GAIAM’s Wake Up Workout – not ALWAYS my favorite, but definitely a great variety.

Finding the Hulu channels made me think… hey, I bet Roku has got some great fitness channels too!  And boy howdy…

The Gymbox – Monthly fee ($10), but has a fantastic variety and is updated frequently

All Fitness TV – Kinda cheesy and old school workouts, but free, so there’s that.

The Daily Burn – Another paid service ($10/month), but again, great variety and updated often!

The great thing about most of these such as the YouTube channels and the Hulu channels, is that I can have so many workouts available to me wherever I go.  I recently went to San Francisco for the BlogHer Entrepreneur’s conference, and I was able to turn on my laptop or tablet and get a full workout done right in my hotel room!

I’ve already mentioned the apps I use, but here’s a run down once more….

Runtastic Pro – I use this to track my running outdoors.  I don’t use it when I’m on the treadmill though.  I have been meaning to try out the other apps from this company to count situps and pushups as well, but haven’t done it yet.

MyFitnessPal – awesome news is that it syncs with Fitbit AND Runtastic Pro, automatically!  I track calorie intake here, and make myself accountable for everything that goes in my tummy.

FitBit – The Fitbit is what ties it all together.  It tracks my level of activity throughout the day, the app and website help track my calorie intake and my weight loss progress.

So good luck with your fitness goals, and hopefully these sites and apps can help you accomplish your goals too!


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