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YouTube Kids Curates a Together Time Playlist

Christmas break is almost here. My kids are out of school starting tomorrow! With all of this free time for the next few weeks, YouTube Kids has curated a playlist full of fun activities you can do as a family.

We love YouTube kids on my kid’s devices, but did you know you can also access YouTube Kids from the web by visiting YouTubeKids.com?

You can still get the same awesome controls right from the web, so your kids can watch YouTube Kids from the family computer. Setup is almost exactly the same as well.

After you have set up YouTube Kids on the web, or just opened up the app on your kid’s tablet or phone, tap on the “Discover” icon. Once you are in “discover” mode, you can do a search for “Together Time” and find a playlist called the same.

The Together Time! YouTube Kids Spotlight has several videos featuring kid-friendly arts and crafts activities, many of which are holiday-themed.

Over the last few years, YouTube Kids has done a lot to try and keep the platform clean and appropriate for kids. They have had some bumps in the road, but have implemented a lot of regulations to try and make sure it continues to be a safe place for kids to watch entertaining videos.

Of course, there are always occasional things that can get through the content filters, so it’s not perfect. Make sure your kids know to come to tell you when they come across anything inappropriate. Using curated playlists like this Together Time YouTube Kids Spotlight will definitely help.

If your kids are complaining of boredom by the first day of Christmas Break, pull up these YouTube Kids videos and work on some of these projects together. You will be making memories AND avoiding sticking your kids in front of a screen all winter break.

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