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Everyone says how harmful it can be for children to have a TV in their room, or even a computer.  Some days though, you can really wish that you could have the main family TV all to yourself, or even just a few minutes of peace and quiet to get something done.  Enter the “wall mount” for the Yoga 3.

I took 3M Command hooks and placed them in various rooms in the house.  Hooks in my Son’s room, hooks in my daughter’s room, hooks in the kitchen… I’m not ashamed to admit, hooks in the bathroom (what can I say, Netflix is awesome when soaking in the tub… added bonus, no fear of it dropping into the bath!)

Setup could not be easier.  Just place the 3 command hooks in a triangle formation.  I placed the bottom 2 first and then put the Yoga 3 in them to measure out where the top hook should go.  Since they are command hooks, you don’t have to worry about it ruining the wall either!  When you are ready to be done with the make shift wall mount just remove the hooks!

Take a look at how it works

Just slide the Yoga 3 into the hooks, and voila, wall mounted smart TV whenever and wherever I want!

In the kitchen I can watch Food Network shows to follow along with recipes (we’ve already established I’m a horrible cook, and therefore must follow recipes to the T, right?), the kids can catch their favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and Plex, and I can even pull up Daily Burn and do a workout wherever I want!

If you come over to my house, don’t be surprised to see these hooks EVERYWHERE.  Now the only problem is relinquishing my beloved Yoga 3 whenever the kids are allowed some entertainment time!


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