WTH: How Private is it REALLY?

With the release of The Social Network in theaters (which I totally want to go see). I was looking up things that had to do with Facebook, and came across another court case. Sorry to harp on recent court cases, but they are just very interesting to me how our legal system is getting involved in technology.

So the caseinvolves a woman and the company Steelcase. What happened was that the woman fell out of one of their office chairs and she is now suing Steelcase, for pain and loss of enjoyment of life.  Steelcase’s attorney’s requested access to her Facebook profile on the grounds that they would find evidence that she has NOT been bed ridden, and in fact is enjoying life.  The court agreed and has given them access to all of the posts and updates and pictures she has posted during the time she says she was in pain.

In this case I completely agree with the court’s findings.  She is clearly bringing a fraudulent case before the court, and I have a feeling it’s going to bite her in the rear.  Although Facebook fought the ruling they do state in their privacy policy “Please keep in mind that if you disclose personal information in your profile or when posting comments, messages, photos … or other items, this information may become publicly available,”  My husband says that it’s just like when the court asks to review text messages from and to a defendant or witness.  The moral of the story?  Don’t post things online that you don’t want other people to see, ever, especially if you plan on suing a large corporation in the future.  🙂

Next I wanted to talk about a new image format that Google is releasing soon.  Browsers won’t quite support it yet, but supposedly it’s going to have tiny file sizes (meaning load times for pages rich with pictures will decrease) and the loss of quality on the image will be very minimal.  I’m interested to see how this one pans out.  I already favor .png format images over .jpg’s and .gif’s.  We’ll see how much I end up liking the new webp format.

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That’s it for this week!  See ya Monday!

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  • I totally agree, I’m still amazed by the things I see people post online, things they wouldn’t say in a crowded room, but seem to be fine with posting on the internet. I’d love to see Google’s new image format get adopted by all the major web browsers, but they may have the same issues with adaptation as they’ve had with their video format. I love pngs to (especially animated pngs, I wish they were supported in more browsers) although jpeg still seems to have the best image compression for photos at, least for now.