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Facebook is at it again, changing things up.  You’ve probably noticed many of your friends have changed their profile to the new one.  There are some huge changes, and you may not be certain where things have gone.  I’m here to help you through the change!

The first thing I like about these new profiles is the “summary” at the top of your profile.  It breaks up your full information into the basic information.  Directly under that is some pictures.  I have no idea what the criteria is of the pictures it decides to show.  Right now it’s showing images from my BlogHer album.  Which I think is the last album that I uploaded, but definitely not the most recent pictures I have posted on my wall, which I think is what it should show… your most recent wall posted pictures.

Then on the left you will see your friends, and relatives.  For example it’s showing who my husband is, then my friends, then under that it has my parents and siblings.  Now when you are used to the old profile, at this point it may get a bit confusing.  How do you post a status?  Or how do you see someones full “info” page?  How do you post on someones wall, or send a message?

To post a status click on the word “status” under the pictures on your profile.  Unless you use another program to post statuses, of course.  This is also where you will click to add a photo, link, video, etc.  As soon as you click the word the field will drop down for you to post inside.

The next difficult thing to find is your friend’s “info”.  This is located on the left side, along with your friend’s photos, notes, etc.

The last thing is to figure out how to post on someone else’s wall.  It’s going to be in the same place that you would post a status on your own profile.  It’s right under the pictures where it says “share”. 

Now that you know you’re way around the new Facebook profiles, you can stop complaining.  No matter how many times Facebook changes stuff around, it’s going to keep changing things around as it continues to “improve” it’s functionality.  Many people just want Facebook to stay the same, but innovation is the name of the game here.  If Facebook continued to be stagnant, something else might pass it by.  It’s good to continually look at yourself (or your company) and think, how can we make this EVEN BETTER!  So find your way to the new profiles, and enjoy the fact that innovation is everywhere.

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  • I kind of figured the criteria of the pictures being displayed. If you or someone else starts tagging you in the photos it will use the most recent tagged photo of you.

  • I have noticed if I go to a busy page like Ellen Degeneres it is very hard to find her comments, seems like I scrowl for numerous minutes to find what I want, did they get rid of the filter under the new page so I can just filter to that person or am I blind and not seeing it? Thanks for any help.

  • I have a reminder every time I log-in to upgrade my account to the new format. I’m refusing too – I’m trying to keep it old-school 🙂 – but the fact I can’t hide that reminder might be reason to switch.