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This is a video game family.  We have a Wii, we have an xbox… with Kinect, we have a Playstation 3, Tablets, Phones, DS, etc etc etc.  Heck, we even have the original Nintendo along with several game cartridges!  I am obsessed with Disney, and have been for quite a long time.  Getting my husband to sit and watch a Disney movie with me has always been a bit of an adventure.  So imagine my surprise when about 6 months ago, my husband forwarded ME a preview to a Disney movie, and was actually excited to go see it!  That movie is Wreck-it-Ralph.  As soon as my daughter saw the preview featured Bowser from Super Mario, she was sold too.  She LOVES Bowser and even wanted to be him for Halloween this year (she has since changed her mind and wants to be a different video game character from Skylanders).  She’s been so excited about this movie coming out, that she even marked the release date on the calender in her bedroom.

A couple of weeks ago I bought Maddie the Wreck-it-Ralph chapter book for us to read every night, and as soon as we knew what date we would be able to see the movie, we timed the reading of the chapters so that we would finish the book the day before we went to see the movie.  The whole family was super excited to head up to the movie theater last night!

Wreck-it-Ralph is about a video game “Bad Guy” named Ralph.  He wrecks the building and then Fix-it Felix comes along and fixes the building.  Every day he gets thrown off the building and into the mud, and he lives at the city dump.  He doesn’t like being the bad guy in the video game anymore, and goes off looking to earn a medal so he can be a good guy.  He goes around to a couple different games and ends up in a cart racing game called Sugar Rush.  In the Sugar Rush game, he meets Vanellope who is a “glitch” meaning she kinda cuts in and out every so often.

I won’t give away the ending for you, but I will say that my husband really enjoyed the movie, and so did the kids.  He especially loved all of the old school video game references throughout the movie.  You definitely want to go check out this movie with the kids.  We brought my niece and nephews too (ages 14-9) and my kids (ages 3 and 7), and everyone loved it.  My 3 year old was even laughing super hard at different parts, and watched the whole thing.

Wreck-it-Ralph will be in theaters nationwide on November 2nd.

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