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Have you noticed the new Windows logo that appeared in the bottom right corner of your PC or Windows tablet (not to be confused with the Windows logo on the bottom LEFT of your screen–your start menu)? I noticed it on my laptop first. Never a fan of extra or unsolicited icons cluttering my work space, I clicked to see if I could delete it…but then it offered me Windows 10. For free.

Can this be?

What’s the catch?

I’ve always been wary of offers of free software. I was sure it would load my computer with malware, and viruses, and trojans, and worms (oh my!), and change my default search engine to a crap page with more malware. Seriously, my dad always falls victim to these kids of scams.

So I googled it, and I found this on the Microsoft website, which corroborates the Windows-10-for-free story. Windows 10 is being offered for free to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users! So I followed the prompts to get in line for my free copy of Windows 10. When my number was up (several days later), Windows 10 began downloading in the background and told me when it was ready to install.

As with the most recent versions of windows, I didn’t need to reload all my software, files, or settings when it was done installing. Everything was where I left it, besides a little bit of shuffling because of the layout changes with Windows 10.

Although Microsoft announced its intention to give Windows 10 away for free all the way back in May, it was only launched a week ago, on July 29th. Now, when you see the windows icon appear at the bottom of your screen in the coming days or weeks, if it hasn’t already, don’t be afraid to click on it if you want Windows 10 for free. It works. It’s also a little time sensitive. You have to upgrade within a year.

Updates to Windows phones will be coming soon.

If you need any other clarifications, Gordon Kelly, of Forbes explains it well and so does the Windows website.

If you are running an eligible version of Windows (7 and 8), and don’t see your free Windows upgrade icon, try updating your software. Also keep in mind that they are sending out these invitations to upgrade in batches, so you might not have gotten your offer yet. If you just can’t wait until you get your own invitation, click here to skip to the front of the line–but only if you are comfortable leaving the paved path for a little while.

If you are wondering when you’ll get your invite, there’s an app for that. It’s the Get Windows 10 app, which is available in the Windows App Store.

Enjoy your new operating system–FREE and totally legal.

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