Creative Names For Your Wifi Network

How to come up with a super creative Wifi network name... and some of our favorites!


How many times have you attempted to connect to a WiFi network only to be presented with a list of random router makes and numbers? How in the world can you know which router your friends and family members have? And when you ask which one is theirs, they don’t even know.

Well, you can’t name your friends’ networks for them, but you can be courteous and name your own network something distinguishable. Some people have lots of fun with this. At the very least you can change the network name from Netgear51 or CenturyLink22 to your surname—just to mark your territory.

How do you change your network name?

As with all your other router settings, these are accessed through your router admin page. Most routers have a sticker somewhere on its body that will tell you all the pertinent information you need to access the admin page. If you removed that sticker for some reason, try Google. Google knows everything.

  • Type your LAN IP into your browser’s address field like you would any other web address. It starts with http://, and is followed by numbers separated by periods, something like
  • You will be prompted to input the default admin ID and password, which should also be listed on the sticker on your router. If you’ve set up your own password and ID to get into the router admin page…hopefully you remember what it is or have it written down somewhere.
  • Once you type in the correct credentials, you should have complete access to all your router settings.

Changing your WiFi Name 1

Every router make has a different page, but all you need to know is that you need to change the SSID (service set identifier) or Wireless Network ID. The SSID is the name of your network, and what will be broadcast when people are in range to see your wireless network.  You can choose not to broadcast your SSID, and it won’t show up at all, but that definitely makes connecting new gadgets to your network a little bit more of a pain.  I can change this in several places, but if you’re having trouble finding it, look under Advanced Settings> Wireless.

What should you name your network?

Some people like to use their network name as an indicator of their personality, to hint at their sense of humor or make pop culture references. Others use their network ID to discourage interlopers and freeloaders. There is no limit to what you can name your network, although I would definitely refrain from using expletives if your have your network set as visible. Some of my favorite network names I’ve seen out there are:

Wutang Lan


This Lan is my Lan

This Lan is your Lan (to distinguish the guest network from your home network)

The Promised LAN

The LAN Before Time

The router Gotham deserves (this MUST belong to Bruce Wayne. Who else could it be?)

Tell my wifi love her

Pretty fly for a wifi

Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo Wifi

It hurts when IP (hee hee, a little geek pun for you)

Drop it like it’s hotspot

Mom use this one (this one was no doubt lovingly named by her helpful offspring)

My son is smarter than me (ditto)

Abraham Linksys

Nacho WiFi

You’re music is annoying (not a recommended way to make friends with the neighbors)

Your grammar is annoying (if you go the insult route, you can expect a rebuttal)

404 Network Failure (not going to deter an actual hacker, who would know this is a ruse, but it just might prevent freeloaders or annoying relatives from trying to connect)

Also, there are a bunch of FBI Surveilance, SWAT type names out there but they are getting way overused. Try to come up with something else.

Anyway, have fun with it because every time anyone within a one block radius connects to a WiFi network they will bear witness to your creativity and awesomeness via your Network name. Just another way to win friends and influence people.

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