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FingerPrint Play is at it again with their biggest world wide adventure yet! Whole Wide World is a brand new app where kids can explore the world simply by spinning the globe, selecting a country, and zooming in for some fun games and learning.

I tried out World Wide app with my 6 year old and it was a big hit. Intended for kids age 5-8, even my three year old loved playing with my assistance!

The first 4 countries in the Whole Wide World app are free, and additional travel destination can be purchased in-app for $.99. After an hour of exploring the free locations, my two daughters were eager to see more, and we purchased a “ticket” to Mexico. I loved that the games and activities were so different with each country. Whole Wide World is definitely an app that keeps kids entertained and continually educated.

As your child plays Whole World Wide they build a scrapbook  with stamps from every country filled with fun facts ranging from Trolls in Iceland to Kung Fu in China. My girls loved the idea of earning stamps, and even requested I take a screen shot so they could print it out and color it later on.

My favorite part of the app is the Fingerprint famous Mom-Comm that I have written about before with all Fingerprint Play games. In this app, my kids can send me post cards from every country they visit. Since I found the app so entertaining and was mostly playing with them, we sent a few postcards to Grandma, and she was very happy to receive them.
Overall I was very happy with this app, and the in-app purchases that I made. It has piqued my girls curiosity in both traveling and learning about other countries. In fact, this would be a great app to take along on your next family road trip or vacation.
Whole Wide World is compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. To learn more about Whole Wide World or download it for free through iTunes, go HERE.

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