Which Dell Are You? Dell Design Center!

The next stop in our Dell adventures at DellCAP was the design center!  We were shown a presentation of how Dell classifies its customers into different categories and creates different product lines for each category.

First is the Inspiron line of products.  This is for your every day consumer, that is cost conscious, and doesn’t need a powerful computer.

Next is the Studio series.  This is still for regular home users, but is geared more towards style and media enthusiasts.

Adamo is their ultra portable line, and has some of the slimmest PC laptops ever!  Not only are the Adamo’s extremely portable, they pack a serious punch in the system specs.  These are powerful little machines!

Last but seriously not least in their consumer laptop lines is the Alienware systems.  These are some hardcore desktop replacement laptops (and they have the power and weight to prove it).  You most likely wouldn’t be toting this around with you on your next trip, but it IS portable enough to bring to your friends house for a LAN party.  (A LAN party is where people get together to play an online game such as Starcraft or Warcraft.  LAN stands for Local Area Network).

In the Studio and Adamo lines you can get an extra boost in performance and support by selecting an XPS machine.  XPS stands for Xtreme Performance System.  These are the systems I ALWAYS get.  I work my laptops into the ground.  I’m using it most of the day as I support clients by remote controlling their machines.  Not to mention the blogs, Facebook, Twitter and emails I have to keep up with.  My systems need to be powerful, and they need to work, consistently.

It would have been nice to be able to break into smaller groups (although our group was only 16 people to begin with), and put us in the product line that we would likely purchase.  From here they could get ideas from us on how to improve the product line, and the types of things we, as the typical consumer of that line, would need from our systems.

After we drooled over all of the different laptops (my new friend @lizstrauss LOVED the Adamo), then we got some hands on time with the new Dell Streak!  It is a 5 inch tablet/phone.  I really enjoyed playing with it.  To quote my other new friend @jon4lakers“On paper, a 5 device should not be pocketable, and should look silly up to your face while making a phone call.  In reality, however, the Streak actually fits in most pants (sorry skinny jean wearing hipster) and doesn’t look as gaudy as expected as a phone”.  What I never understood about the iPad is that I’m not going to replace my phone with it, obviously.  I’m not going to replace my laptop with it, so what is the point of it?  It’s just yet another device you would have to carry around, just to what?  Read books?  Browse the net?  Sorry, I digress… So the streak is the best of both worlds.  Browsing the interwebs looks amazing with the extra real estate, it’s functional as a phone (even though it’s SLIGHTLY Zack Morris but thinner).  Anyway, I’m really excited for the Streak to be released in the US.

While we were there I also spoke to someone about some product ideas I have, which, if implemented, would be awesome I think.  It was a lot of fun to feel like I was on the “inside” of product development at one of the companies I love the most!

Do you want to know which product line suits your needs?  They have a great utility on their website to help you decide!  What kind of PC do I need?

Tomorrow will be my last post about my experience at DellCAP (for now at least.)  I will discuss Dell’s Recycling and Sustainability initiatives, which are AWESOME!

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  • Nooooooooooooo, say it ain’t so. I don’t want your CAP Day series to end. It’s been so enjoyable reliving the event through your eyes and fingers. Maybe you could extend it by at least one and write up your thoughts around that yummy corn dish we had at dinner after the event.
    Hi Sarah, this is Vance, one of the Dell CAPheads that helped facilitate our CAPtacular. Thanks for another fab post on your CAPventures. I think you have an excellent idea on breaking the group down into smaller chunks around the products that fit their demographic best for a deeper dive. We’ll definitely add that to the mix of “tweaks for the better” for future events.
    One thing I’d like to add that hopefully your loyal fans will find useful is around the Alienware line. Yes they are heavy, and yes they are powerful, but they are also very cutting edge. I think we miss a pretty sweet marketing opportunity with parents of high schoolers – especially the ones heading to college – on this point. You see, the Alienware products are some of the few in the market that aren’t behind the technology curve a month or two after purchase. These things have the latest and greatest video and audio cards and memory and…basically the stuff that is in these beasties are what will be ubiquitous in all other systems next year. As such, they are pretty much guaranteed to be more than enough computing power for the four/five year bachelor programs. Plus, who wouldn’t want to rid the world of zombies during a lecture on the use of satire in Renaissance English Literature. 😉
    Thanks again for all your great updates and posts on CAP Days, and for all the excellent ideas and comments shared at the event.

    • Thanks for stopping by Vance! I just finished up my post going live tomorrow about Dell’s sustainability, so definitely watch for that!

      Good call on the Alienware! Perfect market for those teens! Get on that with some great commercials!! I’d be happy to do a more in depth review of the Alienware line if you’d like to part with one! (nudge nudge)

      For a review of the corn though you may have to check with Egg Marketing (Susan), she was obsessed with that stuff!