What Is Google Home?


My husband always says that if there is one company in the world today that has the capability to become SkyNet from the Terminator series… it’s Google.  I totally agree with him, I also do not care.  I LOVE Google products SO much.  Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Apps for Business, Google Drive, my Android phone, etc etc etc etc.  My entire life relies on Google, and I am happy to hand over the keys to them.

So, I was SUPER excited to learn about a new product they are launching called Google Home.  At first glance it’s very much like Amazon’s Echo device.  While I always thought Echo was pretty cool, I didn’t NEED it.  This… I NEED.  It’s a smallish device that you place in your home, and will listen for commands you give it.  Such as OK Google, how is traffic on the way to the office?  It will then respond with traffic reports on the path from your house to the office (providing you have set those locations previously)

One thing I think the Google Home has over Amazon Echo is the power behind a Google Search.  I can ask Google Home ANYTHING that I normally just search for on Google.  I’m cooking, and I need to know how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon.  I can just shout out my question to Google Home and get the answer!  You know how Google just seems to get the right answer most of the time, and that’s the kind of search power you will get with Google Home.

Since it’s powered by Google, and I exclusively use Google Play Music, selecting playlists will be super simple, and you can even use playlists from YouTube Red.  Our whole family is actually on the Google Play Music family plan, so I’m betting it will be able to pull playlists for everyone.

I’m not sure if you have had the awesome pleasure of using Google Cards on an Android phone, but it’s really amazing.  I had some flight information in my email once.  I forgot to add the flight to my calendar.  My phone notified me of my upcoming flight, and told me it was on time!  That’s the kind of proactive power you will get with Google Home.

It will also work with some of your smart home devices that are already set up in your house.  Such as telling your Nest thermostat to turn down the heat, or dimming the lights on your Phillips Hue lamps.

When paired up with a Chromecast, it’s going to be pretty amazing!  I can tell it to play the Hamilton Soundtrack to the chromecast in my Family Room and then there it is!  Tell it to turn up the volume, or even play the newest trailer for a movie coming soon.

The one thing it seems to be missing over Amazon’s offering, is purchasing items.  While I do adore my prime membership, I can see how this could cause problems.  I’m just fine with my dash buttons for now!

Google Home will start shipping on November 4th, but you can pre-order it now for $130.  Just make sure to buy and extra to send to me… cause I definitely wants it.  SkyNet… welcome home!

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  • I’m pre-ordering. Been a long time Echo user but it can’t get all my questions right. I pull up my phone and ask the same thing to Google and it gets the answer right away. Can’t wait till Nov 4th.

    • Yeah, now hopefully you can get your family fully on board with Google Calendar, and then your life will be perfect! 😀