What Has Happened to TV??

Please don’t take this post the wrong way, cause I LOVE TV.  I’m Tech4Moms!  I’m not one of those people who look their nose down at TV or tell people that we hardly watch it.  I like TV, and I love sitting down to watch it after a long day.  One of my husband’s and I’s favorite shows is The Soup.  Unfortunately though, my husband can’t stand to watch it anymore.  The reason?  He can’t stand what the TV networks are producing.  I have to say I agree with him to a certain extent (I still love watching Joel McHale make fun of it all though).  Here is the beefs I have with current TV.

Non-Celebrities: There is nothing I hate more than networks that give shows to people who are famous for being famous, and not for anything real.  Especially the ones that encourage and reward bad behavior.  I’m STILL trying to figure out how the girl who was caught stealing from celebrities got a show.  Seriously??

Non-Reality: Shows that are totally scripted despite being sold as reality, like the Hills and others of that genre.  I don’t even see how these shows can be entertaining.  From the clips I’ve seen, it just look so AWKWARD.  When it’s supposed to be “real” but is obviously scripted, it doesn’t come off naturally.  You’re either scripted or your not, don’t try to be both.

MTV: Basically anything on MTV can be lumped in the horrible television category.  I remember as a child watching MUSIC VIDEOS on MTV.  We would watch MTV all day and it would be filled with great videos.  Do people even MAKE music videos anymore?  If they do, where are they played, because I rarely see Music on MTV.  There is another show on this network that I can’t stand (well, I can’t stand all of the shows on it, but this one is a cut above the rest).  The teen pregnancy shows!  Most of the girls they feature have NO clue what really goes into having a child.  After the kid is born they keep pawning it off on their parents, and continue to act entitled and have no basis in actual reality.  Their parents are just enabling them, and they are not learning ANYTHING.  There were a couple of them that I caught bits of that looked like the teens were actually responsible, and took it seriously.  The majority of them were not.

So needless to say, my husband and I watch a lot of Food Network.

What do you hate about TV today?

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  • I hate Disney! I personally think that too many parents feel that because it’s the Disney channel they don’t need to supervise what their children are watching. There are so many poor examples and behaviors being demonstrated by the characters portrayed on their shows. This is further solidified by parents who buy the products licensed by these shows (ie Hannah Montana makeup kits, wigs, etc. for seven year olds. Such a sad commentary on the lack of parenting in today’s society – let the TV raise the children!

  • Your words speak to my soul! LOL I watch a few comedies and dramas on tv as well as movies on cable. But I loathe the so-called reality tv shows that pollute the air waves, most of which equate to cheap and poorly produced soap operas.

  • We usually just stick to the Discovery Channel and watch Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch. There are a few other shows we watch, but usually not anything on network tv. They junk they air these days is just pathetic. The writers can’t write and the actors can’t act. Whatever happened to taking pride in one’s work? The networks seem to no longer care for quality and are just concerned with what can earn them the most money in the least amount of time.

  • I don’t even turn on the TV anymore unless it’s the news or FitTV. If I had more time I’d probably enjoy HGTV or Food Network. I used to love Seinfeld, Friends and ER. Maybe I’m just getting old, but most TV is a waste of my time.
    I let me kids watch it though, but I have to approve the show.
    I especially hate the shows like iCarly and Sweet Life of Zach and Cody. I hate how the kids behave. That is not reality! If they ever show adults on those shows, it’s usually to make them look stupid. No positive role models.