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My sister finally joined the iPad club. Woot! Woot! After getting the basics set up, she desperately wanted to fill her iPad with cool apps for her three year old son. She came right over to see what I had on mine, but we both soon realized my elementary age apps were far too advanced for her preschooler. Bummer! She was so excited to get her iPad loaded with great applications, but after a few favorite suggestions we were both out of ideas!

That’s why I really love iOS apps that are intended for finding… well, more apps! WeWantApps! is a perfect solution for families that want to easily find fabulous app recommendations for their kids. And just look at that app icon above! Isn’t that seriously adorable?!? It looks like a cute little  family whom happens to be an Apple lovin’ family. I wonder if I could get that framed somewhere…

WeWantApps! is a fabulous free application for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. It is especially designed for parents of children ranging from 0-14 years old, and it’s geared toward finding suitable family friendly apps that cater to your child’s specific age.

Searching is incredibly easy, and I love that I can select the option of searching for a paid or free app. This feature is fabulous when you want to allow your kids to find new apps, but you don’t want a huge bill at the end of the month. I also love how when searching I can choose more than one age group, and multiple categories.

Another great WeWantApps! feature is the Daily App page. Daily App recommendations are handpicked and carefully reviewed by WeWantApps! dedicated and qualified team. Sweet!

Another great WeWantApps! feature is the ability to share your favorite apps with other parents and friends, and discover which apps they love too. I always feel like the best recommendations come from family and friends, and it’s really easy to share apps your kids love right within the application. It’s also really easy to find friends and follow them right within the app, and I love that the app gives me the option to share my favorites through Facebook, Twitter, email, and even texting!

After searching for new apps I’m happy that I can click on the heart shaped “like” button to save my favorites.  This allows my friends and followers to easily view what apps we love at our house, and I love that it makes viewing others favorites just as easy.

WeWantApps! is such a great iOS app for discovering fabulous new and old applications for kids! To learn more and download WeWantApps! through the App Store, go HERE.



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