Vudu to Release an Original Movie: Adventure Force 5

Vudu is now releasing original content too. Will it be worth a watch? What is their gameplan? I'll give you a couple of my ideas.

In the streaming wars, original content is key. The original content is what is going to keep the subscribers on your platform and coming back for more. Netflix figured this out a long time ago, and has been very focused on producing original content like The Crown, and my personal favorites, The Toys that Made Us.

Hulu hopped on board the original content train not long after and has been matching Netflix stride for stride with its original content. Not to be left behind, Amazon Prime also got in the game, and now Disney+ is getting everyone talking about The Mandalorian.

For a long time, Vudu has been my go-to for my digital movie library. We own A LOT of DVD’s, and most of them I have been able to convert to digital copies over the years. I am constantly watching the Deals page for movies that I love to go on sale. I am approaching almost 900 titles in my Vudu account.

Since Vudu doesn’t necessarily have a paid subscription, it is an interesting move for them to release an original movie. On December 19th, the platform will release their first Original Film titled Adventure Force 5.

Here is the trailer they released:

The movie looks a little bit like a mix between Spy Kids and Marvel’s The Runaways. Definitely more geared towards kids like Spy Kids, but has some of the lighter elements of The Runaways. From what I saw on the trailer it looks like my kids might really enjoy it, but it won’t be one of my favorites.

The movie features five kids each with their own talents and abilities. They have a gamer, a comic book geek, an inventor, a skater, and a martial artist. Together they must use homemade gadgets to fight back against a mysterious threat that has invaded their quiet beach town.

The movie will be free to watch, so it’s worth a gander with your kids. Vudu has several other titles available as “movies free with ads” and on-demand shows like Dead Like Me and Hell’s Kitchen.

As I mentioned, it’s curious to me why they would take the time and money to produce original content. They may be testing the subscription waters to see if they have a viable product, or they may just want people using their platform more to purchase movies as they see them on sale.

It will be interesting to see where they go from here, but if they are going to keep releasing free original content, then I’m here for it.

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