Vudu Releases New “Lists” Feature

My favorite streaming platform, Vudu, released a brand new lists feature this week that has me super excited. The service now allows you to create customized lists for your movies, and even movies you don’t yet own.

Previously, you had very limited sort options. When you were browsing through your movies you could choose to sort them by Purchase Date, Alphabetically or by Release Date.

Vudu lists feature

You were also able to filter the movies based on Age Rating, the year it was Released or Genre. But speaking as someone who owns 900 titles on the service, finding something to watch can prove a difficult task. There is just so much to choose from, I often find myself browsing through movies trying to decide until I give up and go to bed instead.

Now I can add movies to specific lists that I create like “chick flicks” or “Christmas” so I can focus in on exactly what kind of movie I want to watch and then choose from there. You can even add movies or TV shows to multiple lists, so a movie that is both Animated and Holiday related could go in both categories.

These lists can even include titles you don’t already own, which is awesome. I have a huge “wishlist” that I browse through from time to time to see if anything has gone on sale. If I could split that list up a bit, it might help me keep track of when those titles go on sale so I can purchase them.

I have already created several Vudu lists using this new feature. And I plan to go through my collection and add more lists to fit my various moods. Here are some lists you might want to create to help you organize your movies or movies you want to buy!

  1. Marvel
  2. Chick Flicks
  3. Holiday
  4. Star Wars
  5. X-Men
  6. DC Comics
  7. Superhero
  8. Always Good (for movies you could watch any day, anytime in any mood)
  9. Family Friendly (movies you can watch with the whole family, don’t forget about Family Play titles!)
  10. Animated
  11. Favorites
  12. Historical
  13. For a Good Cry

I’m sure I could come up with about a thousand more lists to help you get started! But I gotta go organize some more movies…

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