Vudu Now Lets You Take back a Rental

Trying to change the movie rental game once more, Vudu is now offering some great incentives for renting movies!

Streaming services have more content than ever these days. Streaming has changed the game so much, in fact, that when I recently visited the LAST BLOCKBUSTER I had to explain to my niece and nephew how video rentals worked.

They kept saying… “why are there so many copies of the same movie?” They could not understand the concept that when all the copies of the movie were gone no one else could rent the movie.

I’m glad those days are behind us now. I don’t often rent movies, because I figure that if I like the movie, I will likely just purchase it anyway, so sometimes I will buy movies I’ve never seen based on if I think I will like it or not, since sometimes it’s only a few dollars more.

Vudu selects some titles to be available as Rent-to-own, which means after you rent the movie, you will get a special offer to purchase the movie for a discount in the amount of the rental. This is the BEST option, and I wish they would offer it for more titles.

Now there are even more options for renting with Vudu! Today the company announced two new programs exclusive to Vudu.

Vudu’s Rental Redo

If you’ve ever started a movie you rented and about 10 minutes in thought to yourself, “well this movie is terrible” However since you’ve already spent the money to rent it, you end up suffering through the whole thing.

Now you can take it back! If you request a “redo” within the first 30 minutes of a movie you rented you will receive a Vudu credit in the amount of a new rental of equal value. The only limitation is you can only request up to 4 “redo’s” a month, and you must stop watching the movie within the first 30 minutes.

This and the Rent-to-own program could actually get me to rent more movies.

Rental Price Match

Additionally, Vudu really wants you to use their platform to purchase and rent movies. They now offer price matching for movie rentals. If you find a rental for a lower cost than what you paid for your rental, you can call and request a Vudu credit for the difference in the amount.

Vudu says they “will offer weekly rental promotions ranging from valuable discounts to free rentals so that customers are even more engaged and confident in exploring rentals to enjoy.”

As I mentioned, I have never been much of a “renter” but with all of these awesome options from Vudu, I may just have to start renting a lot more movies! With this news and all of the other content, Vudu is really showing they are a force to be reckoned with in the streaming wars.

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