Vlog: Windows Live Writer

I’m showing you how easy it is to schedule, categorize, add pictures, and tweet about a post from Windows Live Writer

Here is a great tutorial on getting started with Windows Live Writer

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  • What’s the secret to getting it to work. I’ve installed it 3 times – uninstalled it 3 times. It comes up with the name of my blog and then freezes up, nothing works. 🙁 I’m really wanting to find something better than Picasa – because I’m only allowed 4 pictures.

  • I never told it the name of my blog .. or did any of the set up parts in the video above. It just opens to a white screen and has the menu across the top, my “weshallmountupwithwings” blog across the top and … FREEZES from the get go.

    I’m just really stumped.

  • Window’s XP… my blog is on blogger .. http://weshallmountupwithwings.blogspot.com … my 2 daughters also have blogs that would be using this.

    I don’t know what version it was. The first time I used it, I downloaded the whole package to use, including the pictures, child monitor, and MSN messanger (which I already have).

    I don’t think it was the new Beta version.

    The only other program that freezes is my Internet Explorer. I can’t use it at all – freezes the entire computer. I don’t know if the problem is related. I use a free AVG, and the problem started when AVG decided to check my IE and install it’s toolbar and Yahoo. I currently use Chrome and Firefox.

  • Love windows live writer. Am using the beta and its been much better so far. However, the live suit in general is so slow to load up, mail and photo gallary in particular. For that matter, my windows startup is horridly slow as well. Running windows 7 64 bit ultimate and have disabled nearly everything at startup.
    any suggestions?