Viral Parenting Book Review

Mindy McKnight's book Viral Parenting is a MUST READ! Find out everything I thought about it, and how you can listen to it for FREE!

Parenting in today’s world is tough. It seems we have so much more to worry about than our parents did. Not only that, but we also don’t have a guide to help us navigate this tech world (except, of course, for this blog!). Parents today are the ones paving the way and creating the handbook.

Lucky for us, some people ARE writing the handbook! My friend, Mindy McKnight sent me a copy of her new book Viral Parenting a while back. I was really excited about it because I know Mindy has a similar outlook on technology as I do. Her entire family are YouTube superstars, and she is very familiar with technology and social media.

I’ve been incredibly busy lately, so I was having a hard time getting around to reading the book. Even though Mindy sent me the book for free, I finally just decided to purchase the book on Audible so I could listen to it in my car instead.

The book is SO good! It’s almost exactly all of the advice I would give to parents, and I’m VERY picky about what people are telling parents about technology. The Audible version is even better because Mindy, her husband, and daughter all take turns reading the chapters.

Viral Parenting has 3 sections

The first section details how parenting has changed because of technology and runs down some basic rules and tips to help you navigate it. Next, they discuss family and home life which helps you keep communication strong inside your family. Finally, Mindy talks about friends and community relationships.

Tech Contracts

One thing I really loved about the book is how she doesn’t paint technology as the bad guy, which so many people tend to do. Mindy gives you the tech contracts she actually uses with her kids to give you some ideas for when you are creating your own (I’ll be launching a contract generator soon, so watch for that!)

There is so much useful information in this book for all types of parents. From tech-savvy ones like myself, and for parents just starting to dip their toes into having to deal with technology. The book even has an entire section dedicated to breaking down all of the most popular social media platforms.

Social Media Platforms

For each social platform or app Mindy breaks down who uses it, what it’s used for, how long the data lasts on the platform, how the data (pictures, text, videos, etc) can be shared, if it can be saved, what can go wrong, and how to keep your account private.

This section is an invaluable resource! Although popular apps change constantly, so it may end up needing to be updated eventually, but for now, it’s great!


Since the book is mainly about parenting, it isn’t always about technology. She explains how to have family councils and how to teach your children the value of money and work. She even breaks down what her kids are required to pay and how they teach them to budget.

Mindy has 6 children, 4 biological kids, and 2 adopted. To say she’s had to deal with a full spectrum of parenting challenges would be an understatement. She has a ton of experience, not only with parenting but online as an influencer on social media.

Even though I am already pretty knowledgeable about this stuff, I still learned a lot and agreed with almost everything. If you prefer to listen to it in the car, check it out on Audible. You can even listen to it for FREE with a trial of Audible! Signing up for your free trial of Audible gives you 1 free audiobook + 2 free Audible Originals to get you started. Use your free audiobook on Viral Parenting!

As I mentioned earlier, I did get the book for free, but I also paid for the book on Audible myself. I was not compensated in any other way for this review. The official book description is “A guide to setting boundaries, building trust, and raising responsible kids in an online world.” It does all of those things and more. I HIGHLY recommend the book!

I promise, no matter what platform you choose, you will not be disappointed!

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