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My husband and I aren’t really special occasion people.  Sure, we’ll attempt to go out on our anniversary, we do stuff for our birthday’s, but we definitely make sure that the other person knows we love them every day, and not just on the occasions when you are “supposed” to express your love to your significant other.  I believe it started early in our marriage when we went out to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day.  We ended up waiting about 2 1/2 hours for a table, and made a goal that night to NEVER go out on one of those days again.  Especially when we can wait until the day before or the day after to celebrate, and not have to wait so long.

So, we stay in.  This year Valentine’s Day is on Saturday, and we will DEFINITELY be staying in.  We can still make our night fun with some simple adjustments to our regularly scheduled programming of binge watching the TV series we are currently making our way through (which happens to be That 70’s Show on Netflix right now).  So, here is my recipe for a perfect night in with MY Valentine!

Popcorn – This is an absolute must have in my household.  It’s one of my husband’s 3 favorite foods.  Really.  Our favorite is Pop Secret Homestyle.  It’s so delicious!

Dinner – Since you don’t want to be caught dead out and about, BUT you don’t really want to cook either… my perfect Valentine’s meal is Lasagna!  I make it the day before (or even several days before!).  I also add some ground beef to the red sauce on that recipe, cause my husband and I LOVE tasty tasty cows.

Entertainment – My husband and I are huge movie fans, and TV fans, and he’s a huge music fan.  9 times out of 10 we can find something both of us will want to watch on Netflix.  This has the added bonus of not forcing us out into the world on this crazy busy day.  This year we will be watching Lewis Black: Old Yeller.  We love stand up comedy, and we LOVE Lewis Black.  Neither of us have seen this one yet, and we’re excited to check it out.

Dessert – We are also huge fans of Ice Cream.  Both of us may or may not be able to finish a pint on our own.  This year we are going for Ben & Jerrys.  Milk & Cookies flavor for me, and Red Velvet Cake for him (although my favorite flavor is Mint Chocolate Cookie).

After the show, we’ll probably spend a bit of time playing You Don’t Know Jack on our Roku, cause we really love that game, and the family that games together, stays together.

I hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day too!  I know we will!



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