New technology wirelessly updates your Digital Picture Frame

A while back my husband and I purchased a digital picture frame. It has an SD card slot, and will cycle through all the photos on the card. For weeks my husband has been bugging me to reload the SD card with new pictures. It takes forever to go through all the photos on my computer and transfer them to the SD card, and really I just don’t have time. Isn’t there a better way??

Enter the Nixplay digital picture frame!

digital picture frame

The digital picture frame is connected to the internet via your wifi network.  The frame connects to various social media platforms and automatically update when one of those albums is updated. When you share something to one of your social networks, you have already selected the perfect photo (out of the hundreds you may have taken).

Automatically updating your digital picture frame isn’t the only awesome feature of the Nixplay though. This is the best device to keep families up to date with each other. I can give one of these digital picture frames to my Mom. My siblings and I can install the app on our phones, and send photos directly to the frame. Now Grandma has a constantly updating picture frame of their grand-kids and children!

Digital picture frame playlists

If all of your siblings also purchase a frame, you can share a playlist and they will all be updated at the same time. This would be a great way to keep up with the rest of your family, especially if they are spread out in different states.

The digital picture frame itself has some really fun features as well.  You can have it display the time and captions on the photo. There is also a sensor in the frame that will allow it to go to sleep when no one is around, or to wake back up when people are walking near it. The digital picture frame can be set to turn on and off at specific times as well. Lastly, you can change the transitions on the photos to have a fully customized experience.

Perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Nixplay is offering an amazing sale!

you buy…

  • 1 x Iris = 25% off
  • 2 x Iris = 35% off
  • 3 x Iris = 40% off

The promotion will run from today and will last until May 14 in the Nixplay Store.

I will be including the Nixplay digital picture frame in my Mother’s Day gift guide soon, however I wanted to make sure you knew about this deal! Get it for all the Mom’s in your life, and you can all share playlists!

Disclosure: I was sent a Nixplay to facilitate this review, but was not compensated in any other way.

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