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I mentioned that I was going to start talking not only about technology, but entertainment that I like as well.  My husband and I love to watch the show Up All Night.  It’s on NBC on Thursdays at 8:30/7:30 central.  Not only are we obsessed with the three title actors (Will Arnett, Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph), but we really enjoyed the story line as well.  Especially since I’m a full time working mother just like Christina Applegate’s character.

So I had been reading reports that they were going to be changing a LOT of things in one of my favorite shows, and I got concerned about the show “jumping the shark”.  Luckily I was able to interview one of the newest cast members Luka Jones, who helped put my fears to rest.

My first question was obviously if he was worried about the show “jumping the shark” as so many things are changing.  As a working mother, I really loved that aspect of the show, and as the season starts Christina Applegate’s character, Reagan, is going to be out of work.

Luka was hilarious and sarcastically commented that things should never change and everything should have just stayed the same.  He definitely got me there.  He mentioned that the show felt a little disjointed before with Reagan’s work life so disconnected from the home life.  Now they are able to focus on comedy that comes from the family and home life scenarios.  He mentioned that there will still be work related comedy, but that the truly funny parts of Reagan’s work life was Ava’s (Maya Rudolph’s character) antics, and those will definitely still be there.

On a personal level, I asked Luka what it was like to work with these comedy giants, and if they ever tried to mentor him as he starts to really get some traction in the comedy world.  He said that they were so awesome to work with, and that they treat him like he’s on the same level “Even though they are so much better than me”.  They are also awesome about helping him “figure it out in a respectful way”.  The other thing he mentioned is that during the tapings they are constantly doing “bits” with each other, and the other cast members are “reducing me to a pile of laughter” every day.

About Luka’s new role on the show, I asked what kind of personality he is bringing to this already diverse group of people.  He said that Scott (Luka’s character) is a really laid back “go with the flow and see what happens” kind of guy.  He is a good craftsman, but really bad about organizing his time and his tasks.  He’s going to team up with Will Arnett’s character on a new business venture that I will be excited to find out more about this season!

The last thing he said during our interview was that it was “unjust for anybody to pay me money to do this”, because he’s having so much fun on the show, and working with such amazingly talented folks.

While I’m definitely sad that Reagan is becoming a stay at home mom for now, since that was part of the reason I loved the show so much, but I’m definitely going to be tuning in on Thursday to find out how she handles it.  If it’s anything like last season (see video below), she doesn’t handle being home all day with just mommy stuff to do very well (just like me).

Season premiere is this week (Thursday 9/20/2012), so set up your DVR to check it out!

Disclosure: I was not paid or compensated in any way for this post.  We just really really like the show.

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