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Many people are expressing concern about Facebook’s new ticker (some people are affectionately dubbing it the sidebar from hell, but to each his/her own).  The concern people have is about privacy.  They are concerned that they are seeing what people are posting on other people’s pages that are not their friends, and therefore are concerned what is going on the ticker that people can see from people that post on  your own profile.  I definitely understand the concern, but really nothing has changed, it’s just more in your face now.

Say you were to go to that person’s profile (the person that your friend just posted something on their wall).  If you click on their wall, and they don’t have their privacy settings to hide their wall, then you would have seen that post whether you were their friend already or not.  So it’s no less hidden than it has been in the past, it’s just now displaying it on your homepage as opposed to you having to browse to the person’s page.

So now that we’ve got the privacy issue cleared up, and you want to check and see if your privacy settings are such that when your friends post on your wall, THEIR friends don’t see it…

1. Click on the down arrow next to Home in the top right corner of the page.

2. Click on Privacy Settings3. Click the “edit settings” link next to “How You Connect”4. Check the “Who can see wall posts by others” setting, and if it says “Friends” or “Only Me”Now you are halfway there.  Next within the privacy settings you can click the link to “edit your profile”.  Here you can customize exactly what the public can see about your profile.  I do a lot of sweepstakes, so I don’t like other people to see me “like” various pages every day, especially since usually I am only liking the page to enter the sweepstakes.  So I’ve hidden the pages I like from everyone but myself.  So even my friends can’t see “Sarah likes Technology for Mommies”.  I would just go through your settings in here and figure out exactly what you are OK with having public, what you want to share with your friends, and maybe even some things that you only want to see yourself (like my page “likes”).

The last thing to check is when you are actually posting a status update.  There is a little option right next to the “post” button where you can specify who can see the individual post.  You can select your lists, just friends, or make the update public.

If you don’t want to see the ticker, when you use lists for your news feed like I explained yesterday, the ticker is actually not even on the page.  It’s only on the home page where you see the standard News Feed.

Like I said, I’m definitely happy with the new changes, and apparently there are some more MAJOR changes in the works.  I don’t understand the point of the ticker though, as it’s just a News Feed, NEXT TO my News Feed?  Why do I need two on the same page again?

For a better explanation of why exactly you are seeing your friends posting on status updates of people you are not friends with in the ticker, check out my video about the Privacy Settings of the Ticker…


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Sarah Werle Kimmel is a digital parenting coach and family tech expert. She has spent the last 20 years of her career working as a Microsoft Certified IT Manager supporting over 100 small businesses. During that time she started Family Tech LLC to help families understand and manage the technology in their home. She has regularly appeared as a family tech expert on local NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX news affiliates, BYUtv and Studio 5, and has been invited all over the world from tech companies like Lenovo, Verizon, Microsoft, Dell, and Samsung. Find out more on her website SarahKimmel.com


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  • It’s not actually true that people could previously see all your facebook activity by simply going to your wall. Only if a user elected to do so since Facebook offered an option to hide this information, plus individual posts, i.e. Joe Blow is now friends with Hannibal Lector, could also be deleted manually from one’s wall.

    My understanding of the ticker feature is there are no similar options.

    • You are just plain wrong about this. There is no privacy setting for comments (different from posts) you leave on other people pages or photos. It all goes into the ticker like it or not. It is also not true that you could have gone to that persons page and seen it anyhow before. There used to be a privacy setting to hide comments left for others and that prevented it from being on your page or in the news feed. If you think otherwise you are wrong but you are welcome to tell me how to stop comments made for others from appearing in the news feed ticker even though they don not appear on my page as public. I’ll be waiting….it can’t be done. Another point is I have my friends list hidden. Whats the point of that when everytime I post a comment on a friends page it announces in the ticker who that person is? It sucks and you did not do your research before telling everyone things have not changed!

      • That is true that it’s based on your friends privacy settings. Like I said in the post. If your friend’s wall is open to everyone, then everyone will see the things that you post on it. It has always been this way. Lets say you are person x and you post on person y’s page. Person y has their wall, or just this particular status update set to “public”. Person z who is person x’s friend will see that person x posted a comment on person y’s page because person y’s update is public. In the old way you just weren’t notified that person x was posting a comment, but if you were ever to happen upon person y’s page you would have seen person x’s comment prior to this change. Like I said in the post it just never notified you in the past, but it was always visible to person z. I definitely did my research before I posted this, and it’s no reason to get upset with me. Thanks!

        • No, there’s definitely problems with the ticker. My wall is protected so that only my friends see it. One of my friends posted on my wall post. One of HER friends saw that she posted on my wall post on her ticker. She was able to access my wall post, see it, and THEN post on it! Even though we are not FB friends. This is really really worrisome. I’ve double checked my settings. I have it as private as possible (without resorting to having it be viewable by only me).

          • Yes, I strongly agree with Cindy, I am also facing same problem with ticker, and since this new feature came there is no option to set your profile in private. My profile can be browsed from my friend’s list of friend, even my setting for my name and e-mail is not searchable. Im still looking for some option to Hide my activities/ wall. if there’e really No way, my Only option is to de-activate my FB account.

          • @Cindy and Helf – the main problem isn’t your privacy settings but your friends. They have to make sure that their privacy settings are set for “friends” only not “friends of friends” that’s why their friends can see your posts after they have commented etc.

      • Doug is absolutely right. We used to be able to set our privacy controls so that there was no notification on our walls when we had commented on a friend’s wall. Now the notifications are all thrown into everyone’s ticker. I don’t want everything I say splashed all over my friends’ tickers – it’s not as if I have anything to hide, but most of my friends don’t even know one another, and we have entirely different interests in common, so I don’t care to share all my conversations with all my friends. And I don’t feel comfortable about seeing my friends’ comments in conversations with friends of theirs I don’t even know.

  • Actually anyone who consistently checked their News Feed before would know that it HAS changed. Unless you were some type of stalker (and a very odd one) you wouldn’t be going to people’s pages that you don’t know wondering if your friend posted a comment on their wall/picture. And I know that this information is different (as much as Facebook says it isn’t) from what I saw on the News Feed because I never saw these names before on my News Feed. Additionally, I went to my friend’s page to see if it showed that little line “Ross has commented on…” and sure enough it wasn’t on their page. So I really would have needed to do some digging the old way to have found that comment. There really needs to be a Ticker settings so that we can control what goes on there. In the News Feed you could click on the ‘x’ and Remove if you noticed something showing on your page you didn’t want people seeing. You can’t do that for the Ticker.

    • There is a lot more information seen through the ticker, it’s all information that you were capable of seeing before. I agree that it’s annoying but it’s not allowing people access any more information than they could previously.

      • It’s failing, too. My brother in law, very tech savvy, saw a post in his ticker that was supposed to be invisible to him (private group). he confirmed with the group owner that it was already private. Not to mention that people have confirmed that occasional glitches allow you to tag a non-member in a SECRET group and straight away they can see the thread. These things are not secure. Don’t trust them.

  • I still don’t see how to stop the ticker from announcing “Person X likes Person Y’s status.” And as John stated, the ticker announces “Person X has made a comment on Person Y’s status.” Those are not things that FB used to announce to me before. I could see it perhaps if I went to Person X’s page, but it wasn’t presented to me an a notification or anything. Yesterday was my birthday so I got a TON of wall posts with birthday greetings. I’m fine with other friends seeing those greetings on my wall, and with other people seeing that I “liked” them. But did FB really have to announce to all of my friends every single time I “liked” one of those wall posts? It was a ton, close to a hundred, and that’s ridiculous. I had no idea until a friend complained about it, that every single time I liked a wall post it was going out on the ticker to ALL of my friends.

    • agree. that is the problem– we can’t see or control our information that is posted in the ticker. I have the “ability” (although it doesn’t work that effectively) to modify every Friend Subscription so that I don’t see their likes and comments, yet I have no control over my OWN?? stupid.

  • As John said, there are posts appearing in the feed that are not appearing on walls because they were previously hidden. I can’t figure out how to hide them anymore. Before, you could hide all commenting activity and it’s still hidden on the walls but is appearing in the feed.

  • So…if I write a status update for only my friends, and one of my friends comments on it, it still shows up in that mini-feed, right? So anyone connected to my friend can hover over that news item and read my entire status update. True?

    • Joy, if your status update is marked as “friends only,” then no one else can view it other than your friends, and any comments posted will only be broadcast to your friends’ tickers. If your status update is marked as “friends of friends” then anytime a friend comments on it, it will be broadcast to all of their friends as well, even if they aren’t mutual friends of yours. If that makes sense.

  • What I’m upset about is that I have a conversation in my news feed between my friend and her friend (non-mutual.) So how do I know that if I comment on a friends post it isn’t going to the wall of their friend that I don’t even know. My “who can see posts by others” was already set to friends only. I can easily ignore the sidebar from hell but I feel like I no longer have any control over where my words are posted and that has me backing away from posting.

    • After some research and trial and error it seems to respect your privacy settings per post (Public, Friends of Friends, Friends, Me only, Custom). The reason everyone thinks that anyone that is a friend of a friend can see your posts is because most people have really lax privacy settings. Everyone’s posts I could see that I didn’t know was a friend of a friend with their privacy setting for that particular post set to “friends of friends.” If I went to their wall, sure enough, it was posted and I could see it.

      So, if you have strict privacy settings then only those people who you allow to see your posts will only be allowed to see that you’ve posted and and no one else. The only difference with the ticker is that it’s all live and brought to the front.

      • So I had my friend check her settings and it was already set to say that only friends could see Wall posts by others on her profile? My problem of having a conversation between my friend and her friend on my wall remains, and I’m still unsure of where my conversations might end up. I’m on a facebook break until I can get this figured out.

        • If something’s on YOUR wall and you are set to Friends, any of YOUR friends can see it and comment, even if they aren’t friends with each other. But your friends’ friends shouldn’t be able to see it. To check this, you need one of your friends to see if a different, non-mutual friend, can see on their own ticker or news feed, the things that were posted on your wall.

          • Unfortunately, that is EXACTLY what is happening. And it doesn’t matter what the various privacy settings are. It seems to be a glitch, but one that they’d better fix and but fast! Example: I have a friend, A. He has a friend, B, who is not my friend. As things stand now, if A comments on my post, B will see it on his Ticker. And *that* is the problem. There’s no reason why B should see it at all- it’s not A’s post, and I have my privacy settings on ‘friends only’. Nothing I have done has changed this, and FB doesn’t seem to think that this is a problem.

            The other ‘un-fun’ thing happened today. My roommate came home from a business trip very upset. She had sent a *Private Message* to a co-worker. And it was posted on the Ticker. Yes- a PM was posted publicly. She is fully expecting to be dressed down Monday, for something she had every right to expect to be private. She told me to warn me- I have a family legal situation that is somewhat sensitive, and family members frequently PM to share information. If we can’t trust a ‘private’ message to be so, there is a problem.

            I think the Ticker is not working as they intended, and is porous as all get out. They’d better get it fixed or the exodus is going to affect their bottom line.

  • There is a solution. It’s not something we can do for ourselves though. If you don’t want all your comments and likes (or anything else) showing up in the ticker, you can request that all your FB friends unsubscribe from your Comments & Likes. To do that, you hover over the person’s name in your News Feed, and then hover over the “Subscribe” link. Then uncheck the “Comments and likes” choice (and anything else you don’t want on the ticker). You have to do this manually for each of your friends in order not to see their comments and likes in your ticker. So you’re not in control of whether or not your friends see your comments and likes, but you can ask your friends to unsubscribe, and some of them will. You will still be able to see the comments your friends make on your posts, and if they like your posts, you just won’t see everything else your friends are doing on FB.

  • It also isn’t true that people you have blocked cannot see things you post on other people’s pages. In that ticker: Even people you have blocked from seeing your wall, your activities, your likes and your friend list are now able to see your comment on a non-mutual friend’s wall; they can see the new people you are friends with; and they can see all of the things you Like. It is INSANE that they have done this. I have tested this extensively with my account and a friend’s. It’s maddening because if I block someone I DO NOT WANT THEM TO SEE ANY ACTIVITY BY ME. But this new ticker and newsfeed from it prevents you from blocking them fully. That is a TRUE invasion of privacy right there.

  • A better solution to the LIKE problem, thanks to my cousin. On your wall, find a page you have recently liked (or like something new, a page, not a status or comment). Then click on the X next to the thing you have liked and select the second option “Hide all recent likes activity from my profile…”. Supposedly it works for comments too, but I haven’t made that work for me yet. My likes are gone from other peoples’ tickers now though!

    • That doesn’t work, Tami. It will only hide those items on your wall. But they still broadcast to your friends’ tickers and News Feeds.

      • This is exactly my issue. I have all my likes, comments and new friends hidden on my wall. I routinely deleted them before I could hide them. For the most part, I just found them messy. But now I don’t want them broadcast to my friends, who include co-workers, my boss, church friends, and many many others who have no business knowing what I have said to others – let alone be alerted to it in real time!

  • But this isn’t actually the case – a friend of my partner has confirmed that they can see supposedly private posts on my Wall despite me having everything you’ve listed above locked down tight.

  • It has changed significantly. There are groups I belong to and have opted in older FB privacy to hide all of those posts from my Wall. None of my activity within those groups was ever displayed. As soon as the new format turned on, all of that activity went right up onto the Ticker for everyone to see.

    THAT is a change and not a welcome one.

  • Dana, just because it’s on your ticker doesn’t mean it’s on everyone else’s, have you checked to see if your other friends can see that stuff on their tickers?

  • IT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE that things work like before as far as privacy. Posts and comments are two different things people. You can set privacy for posts, but not for comments you make on someone else’s photos, posts or comments. If you post that you like someone’s photos, ALL of your friends are notified in the ticker. This information DID NOT appear on your page before if you had your privacy set for “friends cant see comments I leave for others.” Now you can not prevent it. Whoever wrote this article needs to check their facts because they are just plain wrong. You can not stop friends from seeing ALL of your comments (different from posts on your own page) you make to anyone else on your frineds list whether they know that person or not. It is a huge difference from before and one that quite honestly sucks!

    • If you comment on a friend’s picture who has that picture set as “public” or “friends of friends” then you’re right, it would show up in the ticker (and it previously would show up in your friend’s friends newsfeed). If your friend has their picture set to “friends only” then it will not show up in the newsfeed or ticker.

      • Carrie, it’s not correct that it used to show up in friends-of-friends News Feeds. Before the update, it would only post as blurb under “Recent Activity” on your own wall. There is a privacy control that will allow you to hide all that activity on your wall, which, previously, made it nearly impossible for anyone but the most dedicated of stalkers to find.

  • Wow, people give the lady a break! She’s just trying to provide a public service and give you information on a contantly moving target! Let’s just have an informative give and take, please.

    • Trying… and failing badly, you might add. That’s what makes the difference here. Is she on Facebook’s payroll somehow or does she simply not know what she’s talking about?

  • This is a question. I stilll do not have the facebook ticker 🙁 I want it!! Do you know of anybody else having ticker issues like mine. Would you nkow of a way to get the ticker?

  • I have been trying to explain what you said here all day to people and it seems that Facebook is littered with people who have no reading comprehension. Thank you for posting this, even if people who don’t know how to read properly are feeling the need to argue with you and be rude.

  • There is a lot of confusion about the likes, comment activity etc. You used to be able to go (and still can) to YOUR profile, all the way at the bottom there is a “edit options” link, from that link a box will appear that is titled “Edit your profile story settings”.. from there you could hide – commenting activity, friending activity, wall posts you make and things you like. This would then hide all those activity’s from showing up on your page. Unless, as someone else said in this thread, if there is a very stalkerish person that looks through all your friends pages constantly to see *some of this activity, it would not be seen as it is with the ticker. And the settings that are still there still hide these activities from your page, but not from the ticker. This is the problem I have with the change. Maybe they are rolling this stuff out and those specific privacy settings are not tied in to the ticker yet, or maybe their planning on removing those controls. For me, this “recent activity” issue is what i have a problem with.

    • Exactly, Bob. A lot of people used that privacy feature, including myself. It’s odd that Facebook had the feature, indicating their awareness of the fact that people wanted that extra layer of privacy, and yet went to the extreme in the opposite direction by choosing to broadcast it all.

  • As several people have mentioned above… among my own friend groups we have confirmed that even when all parties have set everything to “friend only” that comments made to posts or pictures are still announced to the entire friends list via “ticker”. NOT private.
    And I understand that this is the internet and that it’s not “private”. However, I should be able to have friends and family in a single friends list and not have to worry that when I comment on a young single friends page where a bawdy joke would be entirely appropriate that it’s going to be announced in my ticker to the rest of my friends list including my conservative mother-in-law or my 12 year old niece! I never would have to worry about that with the old system. My own page was kept scrupulously clean and inoffensive via the privacy options. Not anymore.

    • Also, we have found that what does stop it is if all the parties unsubscribe from “comments and likes” in the “subscribe” menu. Of course… you have no way of knowing whether people have done this or not. As long as the people on your list are “subscribed” to “comments and likes” which is the default setting for the new format, every comment or like you make is sent out to your entire friends list via the ticker for their immediate viewing. NOT private.
      I can’t even “LOL” joke anymore in case it has a dirty word that might show up in the ticker for someone else I know because that is just rude.
      Previously the comment could/would only be seen on the friends page it was posted on unless your other friend sat and clicked every friend in your menu to see if they could find anything you may have possibly written there…a terribly unlikely and tedious process.

      • That’s what bothers me the most, that I now have to change the way in which I normally would interact with certain people who often have their postings set to “friends of friends” or “public.” I have to check every single thing I want to comment on or like, and if it’s not “friends only,” then I have to ask myself, “Do I really want this broadcast to everyone on my friends list?” It’s such a hassle and not fun at all.

  • I dont know if i like the ticker or not but anyway i dont see any of my post in it but i do see my comments on others….why is that?

  • The picture you show of how you connect is not the same as what I get on my FB settings page. That page has totally changed and does not offer the same settings as before.

    • The picture of “How you connect” is the current format. When you go to “Privacy Settings”, scroll down past the three larger boxes (labeled “Public”, “Friends”, “Custom”, to the “How you connect” line and click “Edit Settings”. That is where the choices shown in the above screen shot are.

  • You’ve totally missed the mark here. The ticker is a HUGE privacy invasion that cannot be controlled.

    Case in point: If I comment on a political figure’s page, it shows up in the ticker. On my old wall, I removed each story about comments I’d made on others’ walls until Facebook asked me if I wanted to stop them from showing up on my wall. Absolutely! I clicked “yes”.

    Now I can no longer use Facebook for political discussions unless I want all my friends to be able to see what and where I’m commenting. I’ve deleted all my co-workers because of this and the “timeline” feature that is being foisted on us on October 1. What’s the point of having co-workers on a list to hide my political posts if they can see when I make political comments on other pages?

    I’m going to be using Google+ more often.

    • This is the types of issues that the author was wrong about and has not responded to–this is a major issue and is why I am upset as well.

  • I believe that the ticker is a huge invasion of privacy, and I disagree that nothing has changed. Your article is irresponsible.

    The best solution I have come up with so far was mentioned by Tami above.

    In your profile view (Wall), click on x to hide an individual activity that you do not want to appear in your Friends’ tickers (it will also disappear from your profile but at least it won’t appear in their tickers). It will ask if you want to hide all activity of this type, say yes. There are different types of activity and you will need to do this for all the different types of activity (likes, comments, joined groups, etc…).

    Posts are controlled by the lists that you post to, except this does not prevent Friends of Friends seeing your posts via their ticker if a mutual friend likes or comments on your posts. The default privacy setting is therefore Friends of Friends and lists are totally and completely redundant giving us a false sense of privacy.

    • Unfortunately, Helen, removing those activities from your Wall doesn’t prevent them from broadcasting to your friends’ tickers. I just tested it in case it had changed it the last couple of days, but it’s still broadcasting.

      And if you make a “friends only” post, and your Friend X comments on it, Friend X’s friends should NOT be able to see it, unless they’re a mutual friend of both you and Friend X. Who sees your posts is based on the original poster’s privacy settings, not on those who comment on it. I’ve been testing for days and I haven’t seen any examples of friends-of-friends seeing “friend only” posts. If you do, definitely report that as a bug.

  • If you are unhappy about the invasion of privacy caused by the new facebook ticker (default privacy is now effectively Friends of Friends), submit your feedback and report a privacy concern via the facebook help centre (Q: Does ticker change privacy settings?). The more people that report this the more likely they are to fix it.

  • Easiest fix is to stop using FB. Or at least stick to only ‘reading’ FB. G+ is open to the public now and doesn’t seem to share anything you do not wish to. At least it’s an option.

    • Thank you Steve, I agree, that if you don’t like how a FREE service is setting up their service, then maybe it’s time to find another service.

  • WRONG- Please correct this article. This is incomplete and incorrect and in several places just wrong. I definitely appreciate the intent of the article and see how you thought this was correct, but when you get a chance (I know we are all busy) – look deeper. The ticker thwarts privacy settings.

    • What exactly is not correct? Every spot check I’ve done has re-enforced what I have stated in this article. Please explain exactly what you are seeing.

  • This is where this silly article cancels itself out. Sarah says “So it’s no less hidden than it has been in the past, it’s just now displaying it on your homepage as opposed to you having to browse to the person’s page.”

    Sarah, there is a big difference between information obtained from browsing a homepage and information that just presents itself randomly. This is the whole point behind why we don’t like the news ticker.

    • I was talking about from a privacy standpoint, nothing is being shown that you weren’t able to see before. It’s just more in your face now.

      I do understand how this upsets people, but really, if you are that concerned with what your friends see you doing on Facebook, then maybe you shouldn’t be friends with them on Facebook.

      • Well Sarah if I were to say you are a phucking moron, that would now appear on a live ticker feed for the entire world to see. Clearly my intent would be to keep my thoughts of you being a phucking moron between myself and joe blow. That’s a problem and you are brainwashed Orwellian loving zombie phucktard….

  • I am trying to edit my Family members, and which ones show on my profile. I can see it says the family member’s name and then the tab next to it with the option of to either “Remove from family” or to “Show on Profile”. There are a few family members on my list whom I accidentally clicked “show on profile” and did not want them to show on my profile. I have since then tried several times to uncheck the “show on profile” tab, but it has not worked. Do you know how to fix this, or what could be the issue?

  • I am so seriously pissed off! I was just recently diagnosed with a very rare disease and the only online support group for this is on FB. I have all my setting right….checked twice. Now today I get a pm from a friend stating that she feels so sorry for me after having read my post and that she will keep me in her prayers! I was like wait a minute, how the heck does she know???!! I asked a few of my friends if my group post are displayed to them and some said no (guessing the ones that don’t use the news ticker) and then one of them told me yes..she had seen those post I put up on the group’s wall displayed in her news ticker!! THIS can’t be…this is beyond privacy invasion! I don’t want all my fb friends being able to read my health story!! WHAT THE HECK, ZUCKERBERG!!!

    • Same issue almost. I posted a prayer request to an out of state prayer group BECAUSE I do NOT want all my fb “friends ” knowing , etc…and I receive a msg from someone saying that they had read my prayer request and were sorry to hear, etc. (And on another issue: I live in a lil town where basically everybody has the identical polictical leanings. If I should choose to make a comment on a politial page or newspaper article, etc…..all my “friends” can see it now (previously I would delete it off my wall after I posted)…I no longer make comments nor requests, etc….).

  • can somebody explain this to me… my profile is private, set to friends only for every option, however, as a test, i deleted my bf, despite this he was still able to click the wall option under my profile picture and view everything (except pictures) that is on my wall. how is this possible? we are no longer friends but he can still look at my wall. i dont want to change the audience selector every single time i update just to restrict ppl that i’m not even friends with anymore??

  • I agree, before if I commented on a friend that I had no mutual friends with photo for example I could go to my profile and hide the part it says ‘simone commented on xyz’s picture’ and nobody ever would know that I had commented, now if I do this it is displayed to everyone who is fully subscribed no??

  • How can you make so that you don’t see your friends commenting on other peoples pages that you are not friends with and liking other peoples photos that you are not friends with. It is trashing up my timeline!

  • I originally put all my contacts under “Friends” in Facebook.I would like to move family members to “Family” now. I don’t want to lose them or make them sign again. How do I change their status? You would think that would be a simple process, but when I changed someone from Friend to Cousin they now show up in both lists with “Pending” showing beside their name under Family and a dead link. They are still okay under Friends. How do I fix that?

  • Hello sarah
    my hell problem which is pushing me to leave face book for ever is that{ when i like something or comment somewhere others can see that !!!!! such a hell :(( i feel i have no privacy then,
    is it something about { subscribe?? } the funny part is that i never see something like it for others on my homepage or in left right side bar never.
    but every body say;we saw your comment,your like..etc
    how i can fix it?

  • I am not able to see when people “like” my comments I make on a post. Is there something special i need to do to see all the people who “like” my comments?

  • I have 2 friends with some mutual friends in my list (in the new FB timeline). So, why cannot I see our mutual friends in their friend list? I can see how many friends are mutual (like 8 with one friend and 12 with he other one) but when I click to see thier profile do not show all of them. Could someone help me with that? Thank you so much!!!!

  • Is there a way to stop my information from showing up in the ticker? I’m engaged in a discussion in a group and I want to stop every comment from appearing in my friends’ tickers. Thanks.

  • you’ve shown how to hide posts by others on my wall by using the “Who can see wall posts by others” option. is there a way to hide *my* comments and likes on others’ posts/pictures etc. from showing up in my friends’ tickers?

  • Can people on my restricted list see my activity on their ticker? I have a guy who stalks me. He is restricted. I want to be on FB on a saturday night but I don’t want him knowing I’m on FB.

  • I am still confused abt these privacy in fb. Please give answer to one situation-I am A and i commented on my friend B’s picture and i dont want that my friend C sees my activity in his ticker or news feed.And the audience for my friend B’s pic was set to friends of friends. Will C be able to see my comment activity on his news feed or ticker?