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Twitter: The Global Conversation

If you haven’t quite gotten into Twitter yet, I’m here to tell you what it’s really all about.  So many people sign up for a Twitter account, not really knowing what it’s about or how to use it effectively.  Twitter is NOT just a simplified Facebook status update.  It’s a tool to allow you to have conversations with other people all over the world!  Things on Twitter can evolve so incredibly quickly that you would be amazed.  You can get excellent customer service through Twitter, that is extremely fast, and you could even create and coordinate a real/fake conference (more on that in a second).

So here’s my rules for following people or following them back.  If they follow me, and I check their stream (the line of status updates that they have created) and the entire thing is just them tweeting out their latest blog post or promoting something of theirs I will not follow them back.  I don’t want to be a spam receptacle.  If I see that they actually have conversations then I will follow them back.  I like to talk to other people on Twitter, and the fact that they are joining in the conversation makes me think that they will likely talk to me too.

So my number one Twitter tip to get followers and to become a Pro at Twitter is to just jump into the conversation.  If someone posts a status update, comment on it (if you have something relevant to say).  If you see a conversation between two of your friends, and you want to talk about it, jump on in!  If someone wanted their conversation private they would move it to a Direct Message, or off Twitter all together, so they won’t mind you adding to the conversation.

So a few of my friends were bummed about EVO Conference ending and started joking that they were going to have their own little conference to keep EVO alive called the Cupcake Conference (or #cupcakeconf for Twitter users).  One thing led to another, and another, and more and more people wanted to come to Cupcake Conference that now it’s a fully legit thing that we are doing here in Utah.  Hosted by the wonderful @sahans and the Grand America Hotel.  Seriously!  A conference springing out of thin air all because of Twitter!

So jump into the conversation today!  The possibilities are literally endless… well… unless it’s over 140 characters…

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  • I think it is hard for a lot of people to really understand how 140 characters can impact a person or persons. My goal with twitter has always been to engage and reply. Of my 33 some odd thousand tweets I would say a majority of those are responding to other people. It really is a conversation. And from that conversation has spawned friendships, opportunities, and now a cupcake conference.
    And I have to give a shoutout to the fellow Cupcake Conference planners @domesticbecky @sugaredmagnolia and @ryles

  • Shout out back to you, Miss Stephanie! It has been incredible watching this evolve and I’m proud to be a part of the OGCCs (Original Gangstas of Cupcake Conference). I’m especially proud of it being used to benefit charities; the Summer Social will be used to help collect food for the Utah Food Bank. The Fall conference will also have a charitable organization benefiting from the participants. This is probably my favorite part of it all… well, and the cupcakes 😉

    Thanks for blogging about this!