TV Show Interaction Done RIGHT!

I’m a super duper fan of So You Think You Can Dance.  It all started when my husband called me on the phone from work one night and told me that he knew the guy who was on this show “So You Think You Can Dance?”  I turned it on, and it just so happened to be Season 2’s winner Benji Schwimmer.  My husband grew up with Benji’s cousins, and was even in an 80’s Metal cover band with a couple of his cousins.

I was hooked!  I typically don’t watch a ton of reality shows.  I don’t watch the Bachelor, I don’t watch American Idol, but I do love me some So You Think You Can Dance.  I also love The Voice, but that’s mainly because I love Christina Aguilera, plus they’ve got some great social media interaction on their show.

I know that I gave NBC a piece of my mind about how they handled the Olympics… NBC… listen up.. THIS is how you do it!

Last week while I watched So You Think You Can Dance, they told me about an app that I could download.  I downloaded it at the end of the show, and then realized it was a huge mistake.  I should have downloaded it at the beginning.  This week I was finally able to see if it would be how I hoped it would work.  It turns out, it is!  I could not be more thrilled!!

First, when you open the app you have the ability to “sync” with the show.  The app is really smart.  It listens to where you are in the show and then syncs up with it.  This is where the Olympics app would have really been awesome.  I wanted interaction on my phone with what I was watching on the TV.  I didn’t want to be spoiled for events I had already seen!

This week as the show started, I synced up the app and was excited to see what the app would show.  Right off the bat I was pleasantly surprised as I was watching the opening number, and thinking in my head “this is totally a Tyce Diorio routine”.  I looked down at my phone and it said exactly who choreographed the routine and what the song was.  Big heart for the app right away!

Throughout the show there was more fun to be had.  During each number there was a picture of the two dancers, what style they were doing, who choreographed it and what the song was.  Between the dances there are polls and quizzes that can earn you points, and trivia about the all-stars, dancers and judges.

Since I started the show slightly after it started live I was able to fast forward the commercials.  If I did that though, the app would get out of sync and I’d have to resync it.  (kinda brilliant on the show’s part, since most of the time I just ended up letting the commercials play).

Needless to say, the app is amazing and brings a totally different layer to the show that I adore!  Other shows need to take some pointers and get with the times!

I was totally not compensated or asked to write a review of this app… I’m just a huge fan!

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