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TiVo Announces Streaming Device

I had all but written TiVo off as stuck in an ancient business model. Who wants to pay $15/month just to be able to access their antenna shows? Especially if they have to pay this on top of all of the other subscriptions they are using like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. The old model just doesn’t work for TiVo when more and more people are removing their standard cable or satellite subscriptions.

So, I walked right passed the TiVo booth at the press event I attended last night. Today, I’m kicking myself for doing so as I read the latest announcement from TiVo. The company is launching a streaming device, similar to Roku called the TiVo Stream.

At launch, the device will be tightly integrated to work best with a SlingTV subscription, which I already have and love. It will also launch with compatibility with some of the most popular streaming services including Netflix and Amazon Prime and will have Chromecast built-in.

The new streamer has no monthly TiVo subscription fees (FINALLY) and will offer 4k streaming to the TV’s that have the capability. Since I have the AirTV with my Sling subscription, I am curious how that might come into play in the new TiVo integrated interface that allows you to choose which streaming service to play specific shows.

I will definitely have to check out this new device. I thought TiVo was going to die soon if it didn’t change it’s business model soon, and I’m glad they also saw the writing on the wall. As the first company to bring DVR to the masses, it would be awesome to see them back on top.

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