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Let me tell you a little story about me and rice cookers.  Well, maybe it’s more of a story about how horrible of a cook I am.  My husband and I went to target and purchased a rice cooker.  Not really understanding how it worked, every time we tried to make rice it turned out horribly.  At one point my sister’s rice cooker died, and she asked to borrow ours.  We pretty much said she could keep it, since we couldn’t figure it out.  When she finally picked up a new rice cooker, she handed ours back to us, and told us how to use it.  We were able to make rice!  yay us.  It really was pretty easy.

Since our old rice cooker was pretty cheap though, every time we made rice (even with the lid on) the water would overflow and make the counter and the floor a big fat puddle.  I had to start using paper towels under the rice cooker every time we made it, and even then it wouldn’t be enough sometimes.


Now, it’s out with old and in with the new!  I was really excited to try out our new Tiger Rice Cooker!  I didn’t want the learning curve we had with the first Rice Cooker, so I checked out the instructions before I got started.  We typically just make regular white rice, and using this one was SO easy!  The inside of the bowl has a handy little guide that makes the entire process fool proof.



The Rice Cooker comes with a handy measuring cup.  The lines inside the bowl correspond with how many of the cups you are going to add.  Simply fill the bowl with water to the appropriate line, and then add the rice.  So, if you are going to make 3 cups of plain white rice, fill the the bowl with water until the 3 line.  Then add 3 cups of rice.  Close the lid and press the menu button until it’s selected on the plain setting, and press start.  That’s ALL!

The plain setting takes about an hour, but the “quick” setting cuts that in about half, and the rice still came out great.  I have also made some Spanish rice by adding a few more ingredients to the bowl before I pressed the start button.  The Spanish rice was perfect too!

We have had rice about 3-4 times a week now, and I love that it’s so easy to make!  I now no longer have to waste a ton of paper towels, and my counter doesn’t end up a disaster zone every time I make rice.

You can also steam vegetables in the part that goes above the rice and cook both at the same time.


I’ll tell you, as a Mom who works full time, this has really helped me to get a more healthy meal on the table for my family on a more regular basis.  I haven’t tried the slow cooker part of this rice cooker yet, but I’m looking forward to trying that, and to trying the oatmeal/porridge setting!

If I had known that my old rice cooker was SO inferior (what with it leaking all over my counter and what not, I probably wouldn’t have wasted my money on the first one, or sure.

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