There’s a Facebook Group for That: Finding the Best Facebook Groups to Join

We have apps that can do just about everything we want these days. Although, there are definitely some features I’d like to see added to some of my favorite productivity apps. The phrase “there’s an app for that” really holds true now. With the plethora of Facebook groups to choose from, you should be able to quickly find the best Facebook groups for your to join!

Now that social media connects, and sometimes disconnects us, you can find like-minded people anywhere you turn. There are trending hashtags in TikTok for Mom’s over 40, or people who love the show Friends. And while Reddit has been around for quite a while, many people still aren’t using the platform, especially Moms.

Where a lot of middle-aged women generally spend their social media time is Instagram and Facebook. While Instagram is pretty limited in the group interaction front, Facebook has really taken the lead here and become a great spot for like-minded people to gather and discuss various topics.

You can literally find the best Facebook groups for anything you are interested in. Hate MLM’s? join the Sounds like an MLM, but OK? Facebook group. Love skincare? There are about a thousand groups dedicated to that. Of course, if you have tech questions you need answers to, join Family Tech Help!

The truth of the matter is that there is literally a group for you to join no matter what you are passionate about and interested in.

You might be asking me now, “if there are a thousand skincare groups, which one should I join??” It’s a valid question. So here’s my 3 step guide to figuring out if a group is worth your time and effort.

How do I find the best Facebook groups to join?

First, when you are in the Facebook app on your phone, tap the magnifying glass icon, and search for the topic you are interested in finding a group about. Tap the “Groups” tab and you should see a list of groups that have that word in the name of the group. You can also tap the “groups” next to the home button on your Facebook app.

If you don’t pull up groups right away, you can tap the “discover” icon in the Groups tab as well. As you browse through the different groups it will show you how many members it has and if you have any friends that are in the group. If you are browsing through groups you can also see how many posts a day the group averages.

best Facebook groups for tech

What kinds of groups should I join?

First, many neighborhoods have created their own Facebook group, and if there isn’t one for your specific neighborhood, maybe you should create one! It’s a great place to go when you are cleaning out your closet, or need to borrow some butter. Similarly, there is probably a Facebook group for the city you live in as well.

Other groups I like to join are support groups for various things. Whether you are trying to live on a budget, you have a chronic illness, or are in a stressful career, there’s definitely a Facebook group for you. My Crohns and Colitis group is one of my favorites, especially when I’m having tough symptoms.

Next, you can find groups that have similar interests as you like political or religious beliefs, sports you like to participate in like running, and SO MUCH MORE!

How many members are there?

You don’t want to join a group that doesn’t have very many people and has very little interaction (meaning posts per day). Don’t completely judge a book by its cover though. If it’s a real niche topic it may have a lot of good information and not very many followers.

When a group gets too large it can become a little overwhelming to try and get answers to your questions, or to interact and find people to connect with. I think the sweet spot for a group is around 5000-20000 members. Once it gets above 20k, you get the same sorts of questions over and over again, and the group can become overwhelming and stale when only new people interact regularly.

What are the group rules and privacy settings?

Prior to joining the group, you can also check out their rules and settings. Some groups are public, which means any posts you create in that group can also be viewed by anyone, and sometimes those posts will even show up in your friend’s feeds. If you can’t agree to the rules, it’s definitely not the group for you. To view them just tap on the group itself for some more details.

Once you find a group you want to join, click the “join” button. They may have some questions for you to verify you will follow the rules and that you are a real person. Make sure to fill out the answers to these questions. Most groups will reject you if you don’t answer the questions.

Enjoy your groups!

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