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The Void – The Future is Now

I went to see Tomorrowland last night (which, by the way, was really a great movie for the whole family), and prior to the screening they introduced a local innovator.  He is building something they called The Void, and they showed us a preview video on the big movie theater screen…

First, I just want to say, how awesome it is that I live in Utah so that I can go to there.  Second, I was completely blown away by the facility in the video.  Raining in the virtual world?  Sprinklers turn on inside the facility.  I showed my dragon loving daughter the video and when the group was preparing to battle the dragon she totally freaked!  DRAGON!!!  There was literally a couple times during the video where I went “WOAH!”

I have a feeling next summer is going to be my favorite summer ever (what with this AND the Olympics!)

Check out the video and let me know what you think of it!

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