The Obligitory BlogHer Recap Post: Part 1

As I mentioned in my previous 2 posts, I spent the better half of last week in New York City at BlogHer 2010!  I was so excited to go and it completely lived up to it’s expectations.  I woke up and went to the opening keynote and breakfast.  It was there that they announced the location for next year’s BlogHer… San Diego!!  So excited for it to head to Southern California.  Familiar territory will sure be nice, although New York was sooo much fun, and I love checking out new cities. 

After the keynote I had a brief website emergency from a client.  So I stuck around on my computer and fixed the issue.  Since I was already late for the morning session I decided to hit the Expo Hall!  This is where I got to meet some really great people like the Jimmy Dean Sunshine guy and Dora the Explorer!  OK, I met some real people too.  I had a great time visiting with all the tech sponsors like Audiovox, Altec Lansing, JVC, Ubisoft and poking a bit of fun at Comcast because they aren’t available in my area.  I really enjoyed talking with these companies and seeing some great products!

Then I made my way up to the Microsoft Suite, because I heard they had Windows Phone 7 to try out… and I have been DYING to see it in person!  Since you all know what a Microsoft girl I am, I could not wait to get my hands on this!  I’m going to have a more in depth review of what I initially think of Windows Phone 7, I’ll just say that it met and EXCEEDED my expectations!  I definitely can’t wait till October when we find out more!

After I quickly ate lunch I headed over to my first class (FINALLY!)  It was taught by Liz Henry from BadgerBag.  The key takeaway was to create a secure password.  A-MEN Liz!  It was all about preventing Hackers from getting into your blog/website.  The really fun part of the class was that near the end someone asked if there was someone that people can call to help with these kinds of things… I had to speak up and say OF COURSE!  You can call ME, Technology For Moms

Then I ran up to my room to change and practice reading my post a few more times, and headed down to prep for the Community Keynote.  I got to hang out backstage with all of the other FABULOUS people that were chosen to read their posts along with me.  Deborah, on more than one occasion had me cracking up at her jokes!  Unfortunately back stage we were unable to hear each other present our posts, so as soon as we got backstage, we started swapping posts so we could read everyone’s.  For a full list of all the posts that were read please check out the BlogHer’s post about the Voices of the Year.

After the keynote was over the art gallery opened.  I wandered through it and as I got to the “Geeky” room I was drawn to one of the photographs.  I walked over to check it out and then was shocked to see that my name was on it!!  I then figured out that all of the art was inspired by the finalists for the Voices of the Year.  So that particular photo was inspired by the post that I read at the keynote!  I found a couple other of my new Voices of the Year friends, and showed them their pictures too!  It was totally fun.

When that was over my roommate Momma D and Da Boyz and I walked down to Times Square.    It was CRAZY!  Bright as daytime, and busy as can be!  We also checked out Rockefeller Center, and Radio City Music Hall on our little evening jaunt.  We came back to the room and giggled like school girls at a slumber party with Cute Culture Chic and Twinfatuation.  We also got to go through all of our swag!  Out of the 4 of us, Momma D had probably about 4 times as much swag as the rest of us.  Here is her just on NIGHT ONE (before the conference even really started!

Tomorrow I will discuss day’s 2 and 3 and getting to meet my fellow geek girls!  This post is already way longer then the ones I usually post!

Please don’t forget to check out, the BEST website for meal planning, shopping lists and recipes!  They paid for my flight to BlogHer, and I could NOT be more grateful, as I had a complete BLAST!

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