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I’ve been working out at home for pretty much as long as I’ve been working out.  In High School I had a Jane Fonda tape (yes TAPE), and then I upgraded to Tae Bo tapes at some point during college.  Then after I got married we got a PS1, and as such acquired our first DVD player.  My workout DVD collection grew quite a bit (I now have probably over 60 workout DVD’s still).  I no longer have to rely on these DVD’s, and I have a TON of variety to choose from by streaming my workouts.


Why do I workout at home? The answer is super easy, I don’t want to drive all the way to the gym! Especially when it starts snowing again.  I don’t do driving in the snow. Plus, it’s on my own time. Yes, this does make you a little more accountable to yourself instead of to a schedule, but I’m pretty good at motivating myself to get started, so it’s not a big deal for me.  When my kids were younger it was especially nice because I didn’t have to get a babysitter for them, and I could work out during naps, before they woke up, or after they went to sleep.


There is YouTube, and several apps, but mostly who wants to use their laptop or phone or tablet to try and workout.  It’s great for when I’m traveling and need to bust my workout out in a hotel room.  But for day to day workouts I’d rather do it in my family room with my big ol’ TV.  There are a couple ways to accomplish this.  My favorite is just using a native app on my Roku.  There are several channels for fitness videos on Roku.  There is an entire section in the channel store dedicated to it if you wanted to browse through them.  Some of the apps/channels I will be recommending next will also have apps on Playstation, Xbox, and various smart TV’s if you don’t have a Roku.

The other way to get your streaming workouts to your TV is a Chromecast.  You can cast your workout from a Chrome browser on your computer, or there are several apps that have Chromecast capabilities right within the app itself.  YouTube is one of these apps that casts to a Chromecast pretty flawlessly.


Now let’s chat about my absolute favorite streaming channels for working out.  First up we’ve got  I started using these workouts a long while back.  I love the inferno series by Anja Garcia.  The workouts are super intense, and leave me super strong and sweaty!  There are really a ton of options available on DailyBurn from beginner workouts to yoga and pilates, and even kettle bells.  DailyBurn introduced 365 workouts last year.  Every day they have a brand new LIVE 30 minute workout.  I find on the days when I just don’t feel like working out, I can throw on the 365 workout and I am able to get it done.

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My next favorite is BeachBody On Demand. What I love about this service is that it gives you access to all of the super popular workouts from BeachBody.  P90x, 21 Day Fix, Turbo Fire, etc etc etc.  These are super high quality workouts, and there are a TON of them.  Not only that, they also have a workout of the day that sometimes picks from their popular sets and sometimes is just brand new.  When the choices seem overwhelming, it’s nice to just have a workout already picked out for you! One thing I love about these workouts too is that they usually have a countdown timer in the bottom corner, so you know exactly how much longer you have in your workout. When I’m just about ready to die, and I look up and see only 9 minutes left, I can usually push through to the end.  I don’t do their protein powder (shakeology) because it’s super expensive, and I already have a powder that I really like, but I DO love these workouts!

There are several YouTube channels that I enjoy using as well.

BeFIT – This channel is really great because it offers several celebrity trainers, and has great variety.  They also have a paid subscription channel on their website, that you can also get through Amazon Prime.  There is plenty of free content right on their YouTube channel if you aren’t looking to pay.

FitnessBlender – This also has a ton of variety, the sets are incredibly sparse though, so if you like that sort of thing (just a white background and a trainer) than this is the channel for you.  The workouts really are great.  I don’t use this one as much, because I like actual sets for my home workouts.

XHit Daily – While it’s not so much “daily” anymore, as their last video was uploaded a year ago, there is still a huge library of workouts for you to enjoy on this channel.  This channel is not for a beginner though, you would have to modify quite a bit, but if you are ready for a challenge, this is a great channel to check out.

Anja Garcia – She is my favorite trainer from DailyBurn, and while she doesn’t upload workouts nearly enough for my selfish needs, the ones that ARE up there are super awesome!

I also ripped my huge collection of workout DVD’s to my Plex server, so I can always pull up some of my old favorites whenever I need to.  Ready to get up and get moving now?  Great!  I’ll see you online!






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