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I had a really great opportunity this week to go to Arizona!  Bosch Appliances sent me and 11 other bloggers down to their Scottsdale showroom, and I have to say, I was just blown away!  The entire week was just all sorts of bliss/heaven (except for the major appliance envy I left the showroom with.)

 I first arrived at our BEAUTIFUL hotel.  The MonteluciaHotel in Scottsdale.  I seriously wanted to stay forever.  I also want to bring my family back in the very near future.  They have wonderful hiking trails, a kids club, and several other incredible amenities. 

The next morning we were on our way to the Bosch showroom.  It was beautiful!  There were several kitchens, a laundry room, and refridgerators EVERYWHERE!  Something that I thought was just a wall usually turned out to be a fridge.  Even some of the beautiful cabinets were fridges like in this picture… 2 of the awesome things about their fridges is their special hinge which allows the fridge to be flush with the cabinets, and they are able to hide the “grill” on the fridge, so it really doesn’t look any different then a regular cabinet.  They were beautiful!

In the laundry room they went into a presentation about their washers and dryers.  We also had someone from the Container Store come to help us learn tips to organized your laundry day.  You can read more about those tips on my Organized Mom Blog.  Then they started talking about the technology in the washers and dryers.  Some of the items that really stuck out to me were first the paddles in the washing machine.  The paddles are the parts that stick out inside a front loading washing machine.  Speaking of front loading… Bosch is so committed to taking care of the environment that they do not even make top loading washers.  They are completely inefficient, and Bosch won’t even bother with it.  They want all of their machines to meet and EXCEED energy star ratings.  Back to the paddles… The paddles are angled and curved.  What this allows for is that when it spins one way on the regular cycle the clothes can get scrubbed more effectively.  When it spins the other way on the gentle cycle though the clothes gently slide off the paddles instead of harshly being thrown from the paddles.  I really thought this was AMAZING technology!

I don’t want to overwhelm you with EVERYTHING I learned in one post… so stay tuned tomorrow for more on the latest in appliance technology!

Disclosure – My trip was paid for by Bosch Appliances, but all the thoughts and reviews are my own, and I was not paid to make them.

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