The Down & Upside of Keyless Entry

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So I mentioned how wonderful it is to have keyless entry, and it really is one of my favorite things in the new Honda Cars.  What I failed to mention is that it makes me incredibly forgetful.  Luckily, Honda has thought of people like me too.

Scenario #1… I’m running out the door to take the kids to school, sit down inside the car, and then realize my keys are in my OTHER jacket pocket.  Bummer.  I have to go back inside the house grab the right jacket and I’m on my way.  Unfortunately, Honda hasn’t come up with a solution for this scenario… yet.

Scenario #2…. I’m getting the kids and bags and stuff all loaded up in the car for church.  I go to close the trunk after loading my bags inside.  It closes.  A few seconds later it pops back open.  Strange, I think to myself.  I close it again, and again it pops back open.  Why won’t the trunk close??  THEN I recall my keys safely tucked inside my bag that I just loaded into the trunk.  The trunk KNEW that I had locked my keys inside and opened back up for me to retrieve them.  MIND BLOWN.

Scenario #3… Sometimes I’m known to throw the keys in the cup holder of the car if I just have them in my hand and not in my purse.  When I do this, and go to leave the car, I forget that they are sitting right there in the cup holder, and I’ll push the button on car door to lock the doors.  Do they lock me out with the keys inside the car?  Nope.  Trust me, my heart has skipped a beat SEVERAL times when I’ve closed the door knowing I just locked the keys inside.

Thank goodness Honda has thought of super forgetful people like myself.  Glad someone is watching my back!


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  • What happens when you leave the key in the cup holder and lock the door? How do you get back in, or does it not even lock the door? Also, what about range. Can you leave the key in your coat inside the house and drive away only to not be able to turn the car on again after church? Thanks

    • Corey, that is correct, the car will not lock with the keys inside. Also when you go too far away from the car with the keys, when it’s already on the car starts beeping loudly. So you wouldn’t be able to get too far from the keys without knowing about it.