The Best To-Do List Apps of 2020

I've literally tried all of the most popular to-do list apps, here are my favorites!

Another key ingredient to getting yourself organized is to get your to-do list dialed in. There are SO many lists people keep track of these days, many of which don’t have a due date or don’t need to look at constantly. There are also a ton of different to-do list apps to choose from. Many even have such similar features that it’s hard to distinguish between them.

Although I am extremely happy with most of the apps I use. I am constantly looking through the app store for new apps that COULD be better. I have tried just about every to-do list out there. Even though I love my current to-do list app, I am always trying new ones. So, these are the best of the best!

Tick Tick

My favorite to-do list app is Tick Tick. Over the years this app has just continued to get better. It has everything that I want in a to-do list application. I can separate my lists into different categories so when I’m doing my blog work, I only see my tasks related to that. If I want to add something to the “movies I want to see” list, it’s not going to clutter up the rest of my actual tasks so they get lost in the shuffle.

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The app allows you to set up recurring tasks that can either repeat based on the date, day of the week, or based on when it was last completed. I live and breathe by repeating tasks! I use my to-do list to keep track of bills I need to pay, things I need to clean, and things I need to post regularly.

Recently the app added habit tracking, which has been such a great addition! I used to keep track of my habits using a completely different app, so it’s awesome to be able to keep track of my to-do list and my habits in the same place.

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Tick Tick has a fantastic widget, that allows me to check off tasks and habits quickly. It also features a Pomodoro timer so you can focus on specific tasks when you need to. The ONLY thing it lacks is the ability to add tasks with my voice through Google Assistant.

There are only a few to-do list applications that allow you to add tasks through the Google Assistant, and is one of them. This feature alone ALMOST made me consider switching my to-do list app.

One really great feature of is the prompts for various tasks to get you started like “clean” with a little broom or “take” with a hand. This allows you to quickly add tasks, although I would love to see those icons on the regular list as well so I can quickly look over my to-do list and find the right task immediately.

to-do list apps’s real strength lies in the integrations it offers with a ton of different applications and services like Slack. With hundreds of apps and services to choose from, it will likely integrate with just about anything you want to use.


With a very similar user interface to Tick Tick, Todoist is a great alternative. While it doesn’t offer the kinds of integrations of, or the habit tracking of Tick Tick, it does have the most important features like being able to categorize your tasks into various “projects” (Tick Tick calls these Lists).

Google Tasks

Google has come a long way since they started offering a task list. It took forever to get recurring tasks, and sub-lists, but now that it has some of those basic features, it is a lot more useful.

I love that I can use Google Tasks right inside my Google Calendar or my Gmail account on the web. I can drag and drop an email right onto my to-do list to easily create a task with the email attached as a reference.

The one really crazy part is that I still can’t add tasks to my Google Tasks via my Google Assistant. Really? It seems like a huge oversight. Google is consistently not communicating between projects, so I can understand why, but they should probably fix that soon.

The only real issue here is that Google is notorious for shutting down projects from time to time, so I would hope they don’t kill this one before they really get it working great.

The best to-do list app is really the one you will actually use, so maybe try a few out, or look at the screenshots of each and see which one you like looking at the best. Here’s to getting things done in 2020!

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