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I’m a total app junkie anyway, but a few of categories always has me looking for the latest and greatest.  Fitness is definitely one of those categories (finance and productivity are the other two I can’t keep my hands off of).  So, this post will be a round-up of my favorites that I use on a pretty regular basis!

MyFitnessPal – This is definitely the most popular app to record your food intake.  There’s a good reason it’s popular though, it’s the BEST ONE.  The food database is EXTENSIVE, and it’s incredibly easy to add your own creations to it, so you can pull them up super fast next time.  It syncs with just about any fitness tracker you may be using, and several fitness apps to give you a complete picture of your fitness for the day.  The premium version can give you a super detailed view of your macro-nutrients and analyse the food you are eating. The only thing I would love to see is the ability to create challenges for you and your friends to compete on (like fitbit does).

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UnderArmour Record – This is the app I use to track my workouts. I use a bluetooth heart rate monitor, start up this app, and start up my workout.  I love knowing EXACTLY how many calories I’m burning with each workout.  It can be so variable!  If I’m not feeling up to it that day, maybe I don’t put as much effort into the workout, and it will show that.  During the workout too, you can see what “zone” you are working in.  Zone 5 being.. “oh my goodness I am about to die right here and now”.  I especially like using it with DailyBurn Inferno HR workouts, because she tells me exactly which zone I SHOULD be working in during the workout.  Record can also sync with your fitbit and with MyFitnessPal.  I’m kinda obsessed with filling in my entire circle within the app…


The only thing I’d love to change about the app is that background… ACK!  My eyes!

Garmin Connect – Now, since I’m all in with the Under Armour apps above (both Record and MyFitnessPal are owned by Under Armour), you’d think I’d track my runs with MapMyRun… or even just use Record to track it.  Nope.  I have a Garmin GPS watch.  I adore my GPS watch!  I also have been using a Garmin VivoFit (I’ll be explaining all of my various trackers in another post).  So, Garmin connect is where I track my running, and since I use the VivoFit, I track a whole lot more there too.  I like just being able to slap on the watch and go for a run.  I can bring my phone if I want some music, but I don’t actually track my run with it, and here is the main reason for doing so.  I live in Utah.  We have winter.  Winter is cold.  I don’t like being cold. Sooooo… the majority of my runs during the winter months actually take place on a treadmill.  I have the foot pod, and the heart rate monitor that came with the Forerunner 620, so it tracks a treadmill run pretty much perfectly.  My phone app can’t do that at ALL.  I also love that the Garmin Connect is also tracking how many miles I’m putting on my shoes, so I know when they need to be replaced.  The last thing I love about it, is that it also syncs with MyFitnessPal, so I can just enter my food intake in ONE app, and have it show up on several other apps that I like to look at.


30 Day Fitness – Another app I love to use is called 30 Day Fitness Challenges by Foamy Media.  There are a TON of 30 day challenge apps out there.  This one is my favorite though. One reason is that it has real video of all the exercises, so you can see exactly how they are done.  Also, I just LOVE checklists, and this one has a brand new one every day!  Plus it has a timer for you for the exercises that require you to hold a position for so many seconds (like a plank).  You can schedule reminders from the app at a specific time every day, so you can make sure to get it in. The ONLY downside is the challenges I’ve done seem to increase a little to fast.  Suddenly I have to do 100 crunches and I’m like… wait WHAT?  That’s too many.  Somehow I usually power through, but only with several rests during it.


Workout Scheduler – I really like this app, but sometimes I feel like it might be easier to just keep track of the workouts I intend to do on Google Calendar.  I do separate out my workout calendar into it’s own Google Calendar called “Training”. This app does take the guess work out of trying to figure out your own schedule though.  Especially if you have BeachBody On Demand.  You just plug in which series you want to do and it will create a schedule for you automatically. I love having a schedule to work off of because if I leave it to the morning of to decide, I’ll take too long to figure it out and then it’s too late to get started and then I miss my entire workout.  Trust me, if I already know which workout I’m doing tomorrow it’s just easier.


Skimble – If I don’t have time to go through an entire workout video, sometimes I just like doing some exercises.  Maybe I’m not in a place that has great internet, or I need to squeeze some exercises in throughout the day.  That’s when I turn to Skimble.  It has voice queues to help keep you on track, and has a TON of exercises to choose from.  You can also tap your Google Play Music into the app, so it can pause the music when the next voice queue comes up.  That way you don’t miss a thing, but you can still get motivation through your favorite workout playlist.

Zombie’s Run – OK. This one is just fun. As I mentioned, I do like to go running. Each time you go out for a run you can start up Zombie’s run, and be treated to the next episode in the saga of the zombie apocalypse. If you have “chases” turned on, suddenly zombies will be running up on you, and you have to run FASTER to try and out run them.  If you fail, you drop some items you’ve picked up along the way to distract them, but it’s still fun to try and outrun them. The story is interesting, and you can connect your music player to it, so during the parts they aren’t talking you can listen to your music.  During your run you will collect supplies and items that you will later use to build up your fort.  This part really motivates you to go out and run again so you can make your fort AWESOME!

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Fitbit – last but certainly not least, the fitbit app!  If you have a fitbit, then you definitely want to install the app on your phone.  Not only will your fitbit sync automatically to the app without having to plug it in, but you will be able to participate in challenges with your friends!  This is seriously the most fun part of having a fitbit. We have a neighborhood challenge with some friends, and if someone sees someone else out walking, they’ll hop up and go out themselves!  Can’t let your neighbor beat you!  The app also syncs up with MyFitnessPal, so you can track your calorie intake, and any workouts that you tracked with Record.  I also have the Aria smart scale, which automatically reports my weight to just about all of the above apps too.

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These are the apps that I check on a fairly regular basis.  If not daily! Do you have any favorites that I didn’t list?  Let me know in the comments!








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