The Best Family-Friendly TV Shows to Watch

I really love movies and TV shows. In fact, I was once on a game show that featured movies, tv and music trivia called Beat the Geeks. When I was a kid I would sit and watch Sledge Hammer or Quantum Leap with my Dad every week. I loved the time we would spend together watching these shows. Even today I adore watching those shows because it takes me back to those days.

These days it’s a little bit harder to find family-friendly TV shows that the whole family can sit down and enjoy together. Either the show skews a little too young, so the older kids and parents aren’t interested, or it’s too mature and the little kids won’t get it.

There are a few shows though, that my family can sit down and watch as a family and have a great time!

family-friendly TV shows

Masked Singer (Network TV, Hulu)

The masked singer features celebrities dressed in elaborate costumes singing and dancing to popular songs. The fun for adults is trying to figure out who is behind the mask. Even though many kids won’t know the celebrities behind the mask, they still have fun watching the awesome singing and dancing in the fun costumes.

Lego Masters (Network TV, Hulu)

In a brand new show, Will Arnett hosts several teams of Lego masters who have to complete various challenges using Legos. The structures they come up with and the amazing stories keep both kids and adults engaged in the outcome. This will be extra fun if your kids already love Lego.

America’s Funniest Home Videos (Network TV, Hulu)

Even though this show has been around for. ev. er. It still has the power to bring the whole family together and laugh. My kids were pretty nervous when they changed hosts again (from Tom Bergeron to Alfonso Ribeiro), but they love Alfonso just as much, if not more than Tom. He’s a perfect host to the show, and it’s still super fun.

Brain Games (Netflix, Disney+)

If your family likes science, and actually, even if you don’t, you will love Brain Games. My kids and I are constantly fascinated by the experiments they show. They do all kinds of things to show you how to trick your brain and show you why it works.

Mythbusters Jr. (Hulu)

Similar to Brain Games, Mythbusters Jr. tackles a lot of science experiments. Although the regular version of Mythbusters is also great for the whole family, Mythbusters Jr takes on more myths that kids have probably heard about instead of more obscure ones.

Raising Dion (Netflix)

I did want to include a few non-reality based shows. This show is about a single mom who is trying to raise her child that ends up having superpowers. The show is really sweet, and the kids will love the parts where the kid shows his powers.

Duck Tales (the new one, Disney+)

In the same vein as Animaniacs and Tiny Toon Adventures, the new Duck Tales has a little something for every member of the family. The characters are well thought out, the animation is fantastic, and the comedy is on par with other sitcoms out there today. The show is really fun to watch, even though it is a cartoon.

MasterChef Junior (Hulu)

If you’ve ever seen Hell’s Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmares, you will be blown away at how kind Gordon Ramsay is to the children on this show. It is a really fun atmosphere, and my kids (and I) actually end up learning quite a bit about cooking! Heaven knows I could use all the help I can get.

The Who Was Show (Netflix)

This show might skew a little more towards the kids, but I think parents will also find it fun to learn more about historical figures than they have known before. The show brings historical figures to life in a cute and exciting way that grabs kids’ attention and holds it for the whole show. Plus it’s incredibly educational, which is always a good thing.

Pixar in Real Life? (Disney+)

I wasn’t sure if I should include this show, because it’s between 5-10 minutes long most episodes. However, they are really cute shows, especially if you love Pixar movies. The first episode features the “Inside Out” control panel sitting in a park. As people play with the buttons and controls, actors in the park mimic the emotions. If someone pushes the sad button, they might start crying, etc. It’s really cute and worth a watch with your family, for sure.

I know there’s a ton more shows to watch out there, and as your kids get older you can venture into really fun shows like Psych and my personal favorite… Quantum Leap. Set aside some time every week to enjoy family-friendly TV shows together as a whole family. The memories you make doing that will last a lifetime. Excuse me while I go call my Dad now….

family-friendly TV shows

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