The 6 Productivity Apps That Will Keep You Organized!

I know I said that finance apps were my favorite, but I totally lied. Productivity apps are SOOO my favorite! I just love trying to get my entire life organized on my phone and tablet! Just about all of these apps have a web interface as well, so you get everything all set up on your computer and then manage them from your phone.


Tick Tick – I’m a total list junkie, and THIS is the app that houses just about ALL of my lists (of which there are a plethora). I have my “Holiday Movies to watch” list, DVD’s I need to buy, projects I want to do around the house, and of course actual to do items for just about every area of my life, organized by category. The second I think of something that needs to get done I add it to the list. If you know me, and you have asked me to do something, and you DIDN’T see me immediately pull out my phone and add it to my Tick Tick list, I’m just going to tell you right now, it’s not getting done. Trust me when I say this. I live and breathe by this to do list. This app has it all. A GREAT looking user interface, awesome widgets for Android, the ability to sync it with my Google Calendar so I can see what appointments I also have going on today right along side my to do list, recurring tasks, nested folders, I could keep going really. I even have recurring tasks for all of my bills so I can check them off as soon as I pay them every month (and then it automatically gets added to the next month) I have literally tried every to do list app out there, and THIS is the one for me!


HabitBull – As opposed to my task list that I’m constantly going through every day, there are habits I want to create in my life. These still could be considered “tasks” but it’s mainly things I WANT to do every day to stay on track for whatever habits I’m trying to create in my life. I like that this will tell my my current “streak” of getting that habit done, and how successful I have been for a given time period. You can’t get this with just a standard to do list. This one comes with a great widget, so I can just keep track of when I get these habits done throughout the day without ever opening the app. It will back up to the cloud as well, so you don’t have to worry about losing your data.


Google Keep – I know there are about a bazillion ways to keep your notes. I’ve used Evernote, I use OneNote for some things, but for quick, easy, note taking, Google Keep is where I have ended up putting things the most. It’s just so easy to either draw a note, take a picture, record a voice note, or create a quick checklist. You can add collaborators to various notes, and you can save URL’s to remember to read later, or for some other reason. It doesn’t feel as complicated as Evernote, which I like. It’s just a quick easy way to take a note when you need it, and for that, I love it.


Journey – This is my journal. I really like the user interface, it looks awesome. I can add a picture to a journal entry quickly, and even add a location where the journal entry took place. I also like that it will prompt me with questions every once in a while, especially when I’m stuck with what to say in my journal. I think it’s so important to get your own stories down. I have SEVERAL books of journals in my house from when I was in Jr. High, High School, and College, and they totally crack me up. It’s also fun for your kids to know exactly what you were like when you were their age. When they become parents themselves, you can have a great time going back and reading through the things they did as children! It really doesn’t take long to do, and they will definitely appreciate it when they are older.


Jiffy – When I’m doing work for someone that needs hours tracked, this is my go to resource. It’s so easy to start and stop the clock, and export the data when it comes time to submit your invoice. You can even create a widget so you can start and stop your time even easier. You can make it even easier than that by purchasing some NFC stickers or discs from them and just tap your phone to the sticker to start and stop your timer! You can take this a step further, and start and stop the timer every time you are on social media to see exactly how deep your addiction goes… on second thought, that’s a terrible idea. Don’t listen to me at all! I don’t want to know!


Sol Calendar – Last, but most certainly not least is Sol. Calendar. See, I love my Google calendars. They are my life blood. BUT the Google Calendar app on my phone leaves a bit to be desired. I like looking at the month at a glance in a widget, and it just doesn’t have that. My Samsung phone has a great month view widget, but when I’m using my Lenovo Yoga Tab 3, or my Moto Z phone, I am missing that awesome month view. So, I downloaded this calendar. It taps into my Google Calendars, so there is definitely no double entry going on! You can add stickers to different events, which I have found to be super fun. You can also add stickers that look a little more like drawing on a regular paper calendar (like circling the date and things like that). This definitely filled my month view widget need and then some. I find that on those devices I definitely use the Sol Calendar way more than the stock calendar or the Google Calendar app.

[clickToTweet tweet=”I literally could not survive without every single one of these apps!” quote=”I literally could not survive without every single one of these apps!” theme=”style4″] Any essentials I missed that you love? Let me know in the comments!





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