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Welcome! + Funniest Video About Technology!

As I continually field phone calls from my Mom, Sister, Friends, etc. asking me how to do things on the computer, or what I think about this or that, or please help me pick a PC, or the grand daddy of all… Please fix my computer, I realized that I have a vast knowledge of technology.  Also, that there is a great number of people that could definitely benefit from my knowledge (and some that already do!)  So I decided I’d put it all out there and hopefully help out some of the “Mommies” out there that are technologically impaired.  I may even help out some of you tech savvy mommies in the process!

What I will be offering on this site is tutorials, vocabulary lessons, gadget picks, and maybe some fun in the process.  We’ll start off this post with one of my favorite clips about technology…

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